Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keri Morgan, DVM, MPH"Our nearly 16 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Darwin, finally took a turn for the worse. He was terrified of the Vet and we did not want his last experience to be something that scared him. We contacted Lap of Love on the advice of our Vet. Since Darwin took a sudden turn we asked if they could come the same day so he wouldn't have to suffer. Dr. Keri Morgan arrived that morning and was very kind and thoughtful. She was terrific, easing Darwin to his final place. Highly recommend the services as a touching and caring way to make a difficult decision."Rob LaudemanWildwood, MissouriDecember 7, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dawnetta Woodruff, DVM"Marty was a Dear Friend and an Extremely Loyal Companion for the 10 years he shared our home. He was always a Happy dog and liked to make us laugh. Marty was a vocal dog and sometimes seemed to try to speak our language so we would understand him. The attached picture was when his new Mom first went to see him at the animal shelter and he was trying to see what she had in her purse. Our home is very quiet without Marty but we plan on getting a new friend in the future."Joseph MorganSaint Louis, MissouriDecember 7, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"I cannot begin to express how wonderful Dr. Heather was and how comfortable she made not only my husband and I feel, but also our girl Maggie. She was warm and kind and made the whole experience a peaceful event that I will forever cherish. She took her time to talk to us and talk to Maggie and she explained every step of what she was doing since this was the first time we were had to put a pet of ours to sleep. Maggie, who is normally terrified of trips to the vet, was so relaxed during the whole process it made such a difficult time just a little bit easier. I cannot thank her enough for making our last few minutes with our girl so wonderful."Gina SzczukaWading River, NYDecember 7, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Spitzer, DVM"I cannot thank Lap of Love and Dr. Spitzer enough for helping me with such a difficult task. As pet guardians, we want to do what is best for our babies. And ending their suffering at home, surrounded by love, is the ultimate last gift. Dr. Spitzer was so kind and compassionate. She let me take at much time as I needed with my Deaqon before and after. She was gentle and kind throughout the whole process. She took care of everything and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders."Kathleen FinnSimi Valley, CaliforniaDecember 7, 2018Deaqon's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dawnetta Woodruff, DVM"Nigel was my heart and soul dog. Saying goodbye was truly the hardest decision I've ever made. The support, caring and comfort Dr. Dawnetta and Lap of Love provided to Nigel and me was wonderful and appreciated beyond words."Nancy MyersSt. Louis, MissouriDecember 7, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nellie Wilbers, DVM"Dr. Nellie was awesome she was so kind and loving and tested my Bentli as if she knew him forever. She really helped us and Bentli during this most difficult time. She truly was the Angel sent to help take Bentli home."Pam GuyerLondon, OhioDecember 7, 2018Bentli's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Porta, DVM"Simply amazing and so much compassion and understanding. From start to finish I was so at ease and so comfortable with the decision and Dr. Laura made me feel very confident I was making the right decision. I would more than highly recommend Lap of Love. My experience with Lap of Love from talking to coordinators to the procedure with Dr. Laura was truly one I’ll never ever forget. My heartfelt thanks to you all at Lap of Love for giving my Hoochie his wings to run free."Cathy LeightSouthfield, MichiganDecember 7, 2018Hooch's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erica Fry, DVM"As the time to let our Henry go, we heard about Lap of Love from a friend. Unfortunately, saying goodbye is the negative part of having years of love and friendship with our doggies. Henry was a proud and regal Goldendoodle whom we rescued nearly 13 years ago when he was one or two years old. He was the kindest, most gentle giant and loved by all. He (as all dogs do) deserved a compassionate and peaceful departure from this earth. That is exactly what he received with the help of Dr. Erica. She was beyond amazing -- making this most challenging time as positive and peaceful as possible. We have four other doggies and we know the time will come when we will have to do the same for them. I honestly can't imagine ever doing this any differently. Thank you, Dr. Erica."Alex GeesbreghtFort Worth, TexasDecember 6, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Walters, DVM"Although letting go of my best pal of 15 years (a 17 year old Lab/Shepard mix) was one of the toughest things I've ever done, I would recommend Dr. Jenn and the people of Lap of Love to anyone and everyone facing this difficult situation, or needing help with a geriatric pet.

From my first phone interaction, all the way through my worst day, the people I worked with were caring and helpful. My Eugene was able to end his life next to me on his favorite sofa with no stress, and no last scary car ride.

Sounds odd, but this terrible day couldn't have gone better."
Elizabeth HamiltonCharlotte, North CarolinaDecember 6, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"Dr. Annie helped me yesterday with my 15 year old lab who could not stand or walk any longer. She was incredibly kind and caring. She explained everything while she worked and made a very difficult situation a little easier. While I miss my dog already I know she was peaceful right to the end. I can't thank the doctor enough for being so professional and gentle through the whole process."Phyllis DonofrioKissimmee, FloridaDecember 6, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Ashley Payne, DVM"Today was one of the hardest days of my families' life, having to put down our precious dog after finding out yesterday he had cancer and internal bleeding. Dr. Ashley came the same day I needed help for him, she was adored by my precious dog when she walked in, she explained to us the process and was so patient as we all balled our eyes out. The process was so peaceful and was the most beautiful experience at the toughest time we've ever been a part of.

Dr. Ashley loved on us as much as she did our baby. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Ashley."
Lisa PateAtlanta, GeorgiaDecember 5, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kara Fuchs, DVM"Dear Dr. Kara,

Thank you for providing the most gentle-loving care for Chewbacca during her end of life transition. It was truly such a sweet, beautiful (and heartbreaking) experience. You are an angel for doing this type of work. Thank you for making her transition painless and peaceful.

We are naturally still grieving and we find our home and our life feel so quiet and empty without her. We are doing better and supporting each other the best we can, but everyday life feels so hard right now. I can only hope that our hearts will heal with time. We will definitely contact you if we need more resources or support.

Thanks again for your compassion,

Samantha Shatek & Gretchen Henke"
Samantha ShatekSt. Paul, MinnesotaDecember 5, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender, DVM"I want to thank Dr. Katie for the compassion and love she showed my family and our beloved American Bull Dog. She made this experience calm, compassionate and we were able to talk and love on him until the end. He is no longer in pain and gained his wings. Thank you to Lap of Love for the understanding from the first phone call until we carried our boy away."Barbara LightnerJacksonville, FloridaDecember 5, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erin Gorney, BVMS"The best gift we could have given our dear sweet Cedar Rose was the gift of Lap of Love. She was tired, weak, and ready to go. Dr. Erin arrived to greet her and to explain the process to all of us. With a warm fire burning in the fireplace and her family all around her, Cedar was able to lie peacefully on the couch (aka her throne) and gently go the sleep forever. While we are all very sad and missing her so much, we will forever be grateful to Dr. Erin and Lap of Love for making this very difficult time such a serene experience for all of us."Beth CrawfordBuffalo, NYDecember 5, 2018Cedar Rose's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"I have had an exceptional experience with Lap of Love. I first called to get veterinary opinions on my dog and spoke to Dr. Stevie and Dr. Sharon, both of whom imparted helpful information to me which made making this tough decision a lot easier. The support staff made it simple to schedule the appointment. Dr. Annie is amazing. She visited us so we could lay my dog of 14 years, Dolce, to rest with peace and dignity. She made a horrible situation so much easier. She was prompt, professional, friendly, kind, easy to talk to, and even managed to make us laugh a few times to lighten the situation, which I truly appreciated. She showed a great amount of respect and compassion for Dolce and was also very respectful and concerned about his fur-brothers and humans. I was so relieved to let him pass in such a peaceful way and I can't thank Dr. Annie enough for being there for us. If I ever find myself in need of this service again, I will absolutely contact Lap of Love and ask specifically for Dr. Annie."Kristen KingOrlando, FloridaDecember 5, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Will Basinger, DVM"Dr. Will was absolutely wonderful! Gentle and compassionate and helped us through one of the hardest times in our life. So thankful for Lap of Love and helping us send our Lacy girl to the Rainbow Bridge."Austin, Rhonda and Madeline MooreColumbia, S. CarolinaDecember 5, 2018Lacy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sarah Tangeman, DVM"I had a unique situation - Dr. Jessica Boden had been to my home 4 months prior and set up hospice for all 4 of my over age 15 years cats for when their time came. She came to help Jaina pass on Nov 14. Just a week later, Wally age 16 started going downhill. I came home from work on Saturday Nov 24 and I saw that Wally would probably not make it through the night. I called Lap of Love a few times, and Gail worked with me over a couple hours period to get another doctor to come out, however none was available. Wally was not in distress and I knew he would probably pass on his own. I got in touch with Dr. Boden but she was out of town; however she emailed and called me several times to let me know what to watch for with him. At the same time Gail had arranged for Dr. Tangeman to come out Sunday morning to either help Wally pass or to take his body to be cremated. He passed while I slept by him on the couch between 4am-7am. Unfortunately I had to sing at church a couple hours later as I'm in an auditioned group and really couldn't not be there....had he not passed I would not have gone, but since he had died there was nothing more I could do. I cried the whole morning, but he was already gone so my wonderful neighbor who does rescue work with her husband graciously came to my house and let Dr. Tangeman in while I was at church. The doctor took care of everything as Dr. Boden had done, including a paw print impression, and she emailed me a follow up to let me know how things went. I cannot thank both doctors enough, and I also want to thank Gail and I believe it was Laurie the next morning after Wally died who helped coordinate Dr. Tangeman coming out. And of course my wonderful neighbor Erika who was there in my place. I'm eternally grateful to all of you."Cheri RobertsonRichardson, TexasDecember 5, 2018Wally's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Cathy Berquist, DVM"We loved our Chloe so very much but she was going down hill fast after a Lymphoma diagnosis. She was suffering and the decision had to be made to allow her to go to Rainbow Bridge. Lap of Love was wonderfully compassionate and allowed our Chloe to go peacefully in the comfort of our home surrounded by those who loved her the most. Thank you for making Chloe's last moments peaceful and for supporting our family through a very difficult time."Amanda PattersonClearwater, FloridaDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordan Taheri, DVM"The decision to put down my Tigger was by far the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. Having been a member of the family for 17 1/2 years, my wish was to send him off in the most loving, comfortable and peaceful way possible. Enter Lap of Love. From the first phone call I made where I fought to speak through tears for several minutes, the comforting voices on the other end assured me that I was in a safe and loving environment.

Yesterday, I held my baby as Dr. Taheri gently explained how the process would work. His tone was extremely comforting and my family and I didn't feel rushed in the slightest. His demeanor made the absolutely heart-wrenching process just a bit easier to bear.

I'd absolutely recommend Dr. Taheri and Lap of Love to anyone looking to ensure that their beloved fur baby passes to the other side in the most loving way possible. I can't thank them enough."
CHRISTINA FLORENCECoconut Creek, FloridaDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"It has been a little over 3 months and I am finally able to type this. Thank you, Dr. Annie.
Dr. Annie was so gentle with our Joker. Letting him go was tremendously hard, but it was best. Cancer is so cruel. Dr. Annie helped us know that it was time.

Thank You so very much."
Lynn SimmonsWinter Park, FloridaDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Roger Chase, DVM"Thank you so much for coming over and helping us with Stormy. It was a hard day for the kids especially but you did such a great job and for that we are thankful. It's funny how those little fur balls can become such a part of the family. I'm happy to report that the kids are doing good. My daughter is by far the most outwardly affected but we are all missing her. I will be contact the email for some words my daughter would like to add to the engraving. Thanks again for being a compassionate part of our difficult time.
Have a happy holidays.
Holiday, UtahDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jo Millard, DVM"I am so grateful for Lap of Love, and especially Dr. Jo Millard. My sweet 18-year-old Mona had been in kidney failure for months, and I was giving her fluid therapy every few days. After she lost interest in treats and wet food, and spent the night under the bed, I knew it was "time"...I called Lap of Love when I got home from work today and there had been no improvement in Mona's condition. Dr. Jo responded quickly, and arrived just a couple of hours later. Dr. Jo joined me and several feline friends in the middle of the big bed to help Mona cross that Rainbow Bridge. It was so sweet and peaceful - even graceful - and Mona's "siblings" were right there with us. I have worked in animal rescue for nearly 40 years and I have faced the "transition" moment many times. This was one of the easiest transitions ever and for that, I am supremely grateful. XOXO"NANCY PIHERAAtlanta, GeorgiaDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli, DVM"We are so very happy with our decision to go with Lap of Love. Dr. Kristine was extremely kind, soft spoken and helpful. As hard as the event was, her presence was comforting and our dog, Lita, seemed comforted as well."Ashley MaierSelden, NYDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Green, DVM"Thank you, Dr. Katie Green and Lap of Love for the caring and thoughtfulness you provided to us, our friends and our family at the time we had to say goodbye to the Casey Mae, the best friend a human being can have. Although, Casey fought cancer for over five years she had an extraordinary dog life. We will miss her every day. We are so thankful for Dr. Katie, for her caring and the beautiful and peaceful memory of our sweet Casey girl crossing over the rainbow bridge.

"A heart of gold stopped beating. Two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove today that he only takes the best. God knows you had to leave, but you didn't go alone, for a part of us went with you the day He took you home.""
Alan & Frieda ThomasNeptune Beach, FloridaDecember 4, 2018
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Hannah Curtis, DVM"During one of the most difficult times in my life, the Angels from Lap of Love came to my aid. I could not have asked for kinder, more understanding human beings to assist me and Buddy during this ordeal. I am forever indebted to the beautiful souls who are part of this amazing organization."Rosiemarie CruzLong Beach, CaliforniaDecember 4, 2018Buddy's Pet Memorial