Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Will Basinger"Dr. Will was absolutely phenomenal. He allowed us all the time we needed with Oscar. He explained everything to us thoroughly, and showed us lots of love, compassion, and understanding.
It took me a while to write this testimonial as we are still grieving heavily.
Our Oscar was a HUGE part of our family."
Wendy KaluszSumterFebruary 16, 2020Oscar's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"We can not say enough how we appreciated the incredibly kind and compassionate care during this difficult time. From the moment we made the decision to say goodbye to our cat Finley I knew we were in good hands. The initial phone call was so hard to make but the genuine caring response immediately put us at ease. Dr. Manfredi was amazing when she came to the house. She clearly understands what this decision means and supported us in every possible way. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering having a pet pass peacefully at home."Nick and Jennifer FittermanNorthportFebruary 16, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Melanie Santspree"We had to make a very challenging decision in what to do with our beloved 14 year old black lab mix. Maggie was a very special part of our family and has been my loving companion through many life changes including marriage, kids and moving 2 times. After speaking with several Vets and coming to a conclusion that she was terminally ill, we questioned when and how we were going to say goodbye. Dr Melanie was kind enough to take valuable time out of her schedule to discuss Maggie’s day to day condition, symptoms and the emotional challenge of saying goodbye. It was exactly what Maggie and our family needed.

We enjoyed 3 wonderful final weeks with Maggie showing her how much she is loved and appreciated. Dr Melanie helped us to time out her passing so Maggie didn’t have to suffer. She passed peacefully with my wife and I by her side and without the anxiety and trouble of going to the Vet Clinic. Thank you so much for your service and helping our last memories of Maggie be peaceful and loving, She deserved it. She was a great dog!!"
Brad SprecherTroy, NYFebruary 16, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kali Jimenez"Thank you Dr. Kali for your tender love and compassion for my Little Boy Kitty and for me. You were wonderful and my sweet boy didn't suffer. I am so glad I had the option to help him pass comfortably and peacefully at home. You are an angel with a very difficult job. I have LBK's paw print next to my bed so I can hear him purr every night.
I will forever be grateful for you and for Lap of Love.
Joan DickinsonJacksonville BeachFebruary 15, 2020Little Boy Kitty's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Dr. Heather, We can’t thank you enough for the care you gave Georgia. Your presence was calming, your concern was genuine, and I could tell you always had Georgia’s best interest in mind. Although this was a sad memory, you made it a beautiful memory by making her feel comfortable and having her pass in our home in our loving arms. At the end, it gave me comfort when you told me that Georgia now has her angel wings. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. Gratefully, Karen"Karen DeLiberoDix HillsFebruary 15, 2020Georgia's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"When we found out that our beloved Barley was at his end, we were devastated to say the least. Our worries were heightened by the thought of missing the signs of his end. Would he be in pain, how would we get him to the vet, would the vet be open when it was time, moving him safely and in a timely manner so he wouldn't suffer? We knew Barley would smell other animals in the vet and hear noises he wasn't familiar with and we didn't feel comfortable with that for him. For 10 years, Barley gave us unconditional love, joy and friendship. The idea of having him at home, comfortable in his surroundings, feeling the love from his family (his pack) was comforting to us. We wanted his last moments to be peaceful. A friend recommended Lap of Love and we are so happy with our decision. Kristine Campanelli DVM, gave us peace of mind and answered all our questions. She let us have the time we needed to say goodbye to Barley and walked us through the steps so we would feel comfortable with our decision. We watched our Barley go peacefully and that is very comforting for something that is so uncertain and painful to go through."Rita DioguardiSound BeachFebruary 15, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sue Mowatt"Dr. Sue is the kindest, most compassionate vet that I have ever known. She made the hardest goodbyes a little easier and for that, I shall be eternally grateful."Denise GrapesSacramentoFebruary 15, 2020Ruby's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"After a terrible experience at a vet with a prior pet, I took the recommendation of a friend and tried Lap of Love to have my Golden put to rest. I took a couple of weeks to make the decision, partly because of what happened with my first Golden, then just not wanting to say goodbye. When I called, the woman I spoke with was incredibly sympathetic, and reassuring. When Dr. Campanelli came, she lied on the floor with my Emma, pet her and made her feel comfortable. She let us take our time loving on her, feeding her treats as the Dr. gave her the sedative, then let us take as much time as we needed before letting my girl rest. Emma was in her own home with the people who loved her, getting loved on and was very comfortable. She passed most peacefully. I can't thank Dr. Campanelli and Lap of Love enough."BOB COLLINSMASTICFebruary 15, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Anna Champagne"I cannot thank Lap of love enough. Their services have helped our grieving process be a positive one. Our vet was so wonderful."Jenna TurnerBrandonFebruary 15, 2020Biggie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Lap of Love was absolutely amazing. They were so kind and compassionate
and handled all the details with love and kindness. From the initial phone call to when
they removed our beautiful Adrian out of the home. Dr Kristine was so kind and compassionate.
She gave us all the time we needed with our cat and explained everything to us. She was so kind and loving and made
us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Lap Of Love to anyone who needs their services for their animal when their time comes.
Our previous cat was in good hands with Dr Kristine and she brought peace to us at such a sad time !!"
Jennifer CorradoRonkonkomaFebruary 15, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Jensen"Dr Jessica was so kind, compassionate, and understanding of what we were going through. We are so grateful to her and lap of love for making this horribly difficult day the best it could be.

Thank you,
Diane and Ron"
Diane EnglandLas VegasFebruary 15, 2020Max's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lauren Peek, DVM"During one of the saddest and most difficult days of our lives we were comforted by the peaceful and very personal process. We were able to lie with Red in our own backyard, with Bob Marley playing in the background, to cuddle and comfort him. Red was not scared and passed very peacefully into his last deep sleep."Chris KobesOrlandoFebruary 15, 2020Red's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mary Devlin"Thank you Dr. Mary for helping our Justin pass to the other side, and confirming we made the right decision to let him go. Having him pass in our home was a thousand times better than bringing him to a cold and sterile office. You are a sweetheart and we appreciate what you do."QuincyFebruary 15, 2020Justin Aka "Jessie"'s Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"Gentle, kind, patient — touched by some kind of grace that allows him to do the hardest compassionate work there is. Thank you so much."Steven YakutisCantonFebruary 15, 2020Rosie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kendra Healy"Dr. Healy was phenomenal! Our cat Spooky, was approaching 20 yrs old and we knew it was time. She was so gentle and compassionate through the whole process. I texted her late one evening and she immediately called me and we went over options. She came the next day and made us feel so at peace with our decision. She made the day we dreaded so much as peaceful as possible. I HIGHLY recommend her and her caring services."Amy KirkLexingtonFebruary 14, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lindsey Wittmeyer"Dr. Lindsey was very compassionate, caring and patient. She noticed the beautiful sunset that Neve had illuminated in the sky and made us aware of it so we could capture it. She made a sad event less tragic by her caring presence."connie cinadrLENEXAFebruary 14, 2020Neve's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Aspen Perretta"Lap of Love was simply amazing from the beginning of the process until the very end. Dr. Aspen was a god send."Laura JohnsonIrwinFebruary 14, 2020Buddy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sue Mowatt"Words cannot express how blessed I feel about Lap of Love handling my Theo's home going. They were all so compassionate, helpful and kind. I cannot tell you how that touched me and my daughter's hearts to know that they truly care and are doing what God put them on this earth to do.

I highly recommend, without reservation, Lap Of Love to anyone who has come to a decision to lay their beloved pet to rest. A big Thank You to Dr. Sue and the staff. You will never know how much your compassion and love meant to us, especially at this time in our lives. God Bless you all!"
Eleanor TylerSacramentoFebruary 14, 2020Theodore Tyler Calhoon Callahan's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Wilbourne"My precious Nellie passed peacefully at home on February 11.

Everyone at Lap of Love was so kind and understanding. I even changed my appointment a couple of times because I was not ready. However, in the end, Nellie was more prepared for this than me.

Dr. Jessica was wonderful! Her gentle nature and kindness, compassion, the care she took with me and Nellie and the biggest hug when Nellie was gone.

Thank you, Lap of Love. Thank you Dr. Jessica.

Nellie, I love you and miss you!!! Your sister, Nivia, misses you too. She's sorry about the last fight she had with you last week. Until we meet again . . ."
Linda PriskTelfordFebruary 14, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Stephanie Henderson"Dr. Stephanie was so very kind and gentle. She was very respectful of our wishes. She gave us all the time we needed with Puffy and answered all of our questions. Although a terribly painful experience, we found the process comforting because of Dr. Stephanie."Elizabeth and Tom FiskSpringfieldFebruary 14, 2020Puffy Hoobastank's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Becky Frank"Becky was truly an amazing person and made it so nice to say final goodbye byes to Rocky"Tiffany KlemmerReadingFebruary 14, 2020Rocky's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"Dr. Tyler made the hardest day I've had more manageable and talked me through the whole process. He allowed us to take our time and say goodbye to my buddy and tell stories. He talked to me about this being a gift so Wallace didn't' have to feel pain anymore. I am still sad by the loss but know that it was the right thing to do. Lap of Love did an amazing job and I would use them again."Lauren RowechicagoFebruary 14, 2020Wallace's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"Dr. Brad Bates was kind and brought peace to our home on our dogs last day. Thank you for your kindness that you showed Miley and our family."Nicole PossentiAstonFebruary 14, 2020Miley 's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"This was a great service. Just not causing my pup extra anxiety or stress was worth it alone. Dr. Kristine was so kind and empathetic. She didn't rush us. She took such care with little Ben. He was comfortable in his own bed so he wasn't scared or nervous. We got the paw print and some of his hair. We opted with the cremation. I would recommend this service for any pet owner."Donna LoweMassapequaFebruary 14, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kali Jimenez"I want to thank Kali for helping me that day. She obviously understands the love and hurt people experience from the loss of a furry family member. She was very patient, kind, understanding and empathetic. Thank you Kali"Mark HarringtonJacksonvilleFebruary 14, 2020Jaeger's Pet Memorial