Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mandi Beckmann"Dr Beckmann was very compassionate and put my family and pet did at ease.She explained everything before hand and during procedure.She made a huge difference in the way she approached everything .. I thank her and so does my family . Dr Mandi is the right person for your needs and comes highly recommended."Matthew KilleenWebsterAugust 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Toni Knox"Our sweet Katie Scarlett O’Hara was the love our lives and although her health had started to diminish, we could not bear to let her go and asked her for a sign. When her first seizure came On Father’s Day, we knew we could never allow her to suffer needlessly. We turned to Lap of Love for the kind of atmosphere we wanted in ushering her from one life to the next. She suffered 2 more seizures and when it finally came time to say goodbye to our 17 year old lady baby, we knew it was time. It was the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to do, but Dr. Toni was there in a calm and loving way to help us and our beloved baby through it. I feel so grateful that one of the most painful moments in my life was also one of the most beautiful. Saying goodbye to a pet is saying good bye to a family member and my family and I thank Lap of Love and Dr. Toni for treating our Katie with such love and respect. Katie Scarlett O’Hara 3/28/03-7/25/20"Rachel TaylorPhiladelphiaAugust 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elyse Persico"It may be hard to pick a date to put your beloved companion to rest . I found that preparing in advance was a good thing. It will never feel like the right time, but it is necessary to prevent suffering. I picked the date for in home euthanasia about 2 weeks in advance. I had to come to terms that my little Levi was no longer capable of having the quality of life he deserved. During the 2 weeks before his passing, I felt like I was betraying my devoted Levi or that his better days were outweighing the bad and maybe he had more time. I also began to feel at peace with my decision. Levi never knew suffering. The trauma of him having seizures or laboring in agony or emergency vet visits were avoided by not waiting too long. The in home euthanasia experience was of course emotional and sad but it was not traumatic. Dr. Elyse was extremely helpful, professional and genuinely caring laying Levi to rest. I'm thankful that my devoted, loyal and loving Levi was able to pass peacefully with his head on my lap where he would stay forever if love alone could keep him. RIP Levi October 24th, 2003 - July 20th, 2020."Celina ShepardNorfolkAugust 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nikki Abdulla"Dr. Nikki was so kind and compassionate. She was an angel to us and our girl. God bless her for doing such a hard job- but rewarding in its own way. She gave our girl peace in the comfort of her own home and will never forget her."Shendi BetzHummelstownAugust 4, 2020Xena Marie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Rachel Klickman"This was one of the most difficult moments I've had in all my years. But Dr. Rachel was so loving and reassuring that my boy would go peacefully and without pain. She called me as she was on the way to our home and we had a very long conversation where I recounted Bravey's life and the difficulties with his health. The day before she was scheduled to arrive, Bravey had a GREAT day. In fact, I don't recall seeing him so happy. Ever. I was apprehensive of the decision and thought so many times that I was going to cancel because of this. Dr. Rachel gave me perspective that while he may have had a great day, his health was declining and those great days were numbered. It was the best path to allow him to go peaceful without the suffering that would come with the following days. This brought me comfort and allowed me to get out of my selfishness. When she arrived, she walked me through everything and also gave me the worst case scenarios so I wouldn't be shocked. She also allowed me to express my sadness and grief without judgement. When it was time, Brave chose his small walk-in shower to be his final resting place and somehow Dr. Rachel maneuvered in a way that allowed us to both be by his side as he took his last breath. She carried him out on a stretcher that persevered his dignity. I am ever so grateful for the love and support you showed during these difficult times, Dr. Rachel.

Thank you for everything. You will be remembered fondly in Brave's journey.

Thank you,
Melissa GibsonBowieAugust 4, 2020Brave's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sara Barlowe"We are so grateful to have been able to say goodbye to our furry friend, Cooper in our home. We were able to set something up with Lap of Love in a timely manner, so that Cooper did not have to suffer any longer. Dr. Sara was so incredibly kind, patient and professional when she came to our home. She listened, guided and comforted us through a difficult and heartbreaking time. It was a sweet and peaceful goodbye for our family and Cooper."Nancy KrugBryn MawrAugust 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Shantelle Williams"Second time we have enlisted the services of Lap of Love. Dr. Shantelle Williams assisted us today and was absolutely fantastic. We can't thank the folks at LOL enough for their wonderful caring support. Thank you so much."Robert JonesNew Port RicheyAugust 4, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Beth Ruggles"Dr. Beth was kind and comforting and helped to make Ranger’s final moments calm and peaceful. Her empathy, patience, and understanding made the unbearable just a little more bearable. Thank you, Dr. Beth.
I also want to thank Dr. Danya, who answered the phone when I called to ask about setting up a time to help Ranger pass. I was a basket case but she was so good with me, it felt like I was talking with a friend.
Thank you both, so, SO much. 💕"
Deb RichardsonCincinnatiAugust 4, 2020Ranger's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Carrie Dobey"Dr. Dobey made the entire experience as peaceful and loving as possible. Thank you!"Mia and John CaryGreensboroAugust 3, 2020Lucy 's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Lauren Chapman"Dr. Chapman.... Thank you!!
You made it so peaceful.... for our angel."
Raymundo RoldanSAN DiegoAugust 3, 2020's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christina Guillory"Our hearts were so heavy losing our dog Spanky but Dr. Christina and the staff at Lap of Love made the whole process somehow bearable. Spanky went with dignity in the comfort of his home. My husband and I will be forever grateful."Kristy VasquezPearlandAugust 3, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordan Taheri"Dr. Taheri,

AKA Jordan, as you introduced yourself, (undoubtedly to make us feel more comfortable, as though an old friend coming to assist us in this) was a blessing. From the moment that you walked into our home, we felt such peace. Your calm, thoughtful, and insightful demeanor; made this very saddening process, so much easier to endure. Our family is forever grateful in your gentle and patient approach, to our beloved Sadie. We are forever grateful, to your professional, yet warm hand. As is her furry brother, Pirate, that was able to lay with us during her goodbye. Words can't express our gratitude.

Warmest Regards,

Mike, Lacey & Pirate"
Lacey & Mike AhernPlantationAugust 3, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Gibson"Dr. Jessica was very kind and professional. It was so difficult saying goodbye to our cat but the process never felt rushed and she let us have the quality time that we needed during each step. I'm grateful that our cat is no longer in any pain and he was able to pass peacefully at home in a loving environment. Thank you Dr. Jessica for your kindness, compassion and support."Erica NorbyFairfaxAugust 3, 2020Cosmo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeff Carpenter"I had originally been searching on the Lap of Love site for a place to leave a review of my veterinarian and the phone support I received throughout this entire process. Dr. Jeff was absolutely wonderful, and brought so much support and care to the process... beyond what I even thought we would need. He was so comforting, warm, and patient, even kneeling in the dirt and grass because we wanted to put Tank down where he loved to lay and roll in the cool grass in the backyard. He explained everything in detail, was super sweet with the rest of the crazy dogs we wanted there to see their big brother begin his journey. and couldn't have been more professional. I can only imagine how difficult of a job he and the other veterinarians have, but I am so utterly thankful he was there. When we put Tank on the stretcher to carry him to the car, and Dr. Jeff put a soft blanket on him for that last car ride, it somehow made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Thank you so much, Dr. Jeff.

And I need to also leave a shout out to everyone I spoke with in the Support Center. Towards the end, I spoke with both Nick and Ashley, and they were both absolutely wonderful. A very special shout out to Annie Whalen, who I first talked to back in March when we thought it was time for Tank. Annie was the first member of the team I spoke with, and she spent so much patient time getting all the details on Tank's illness, talking me through what the company provides and the processes, even sending me articles on how my other dogs might react to Tank's death. We had a few months were Tank rallied, but when I knew the time I had come, I reached out to Annie again, who immediately called me and got things in motion. We even exchanged pictures of our sweet dogs, so I feel like I met some of her family. :) She couldn't have been more comforting, warm, and amazing. Thank you Annie!! <3"
Lisa CaselloWrenthamAugust 3, 2020Tank's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Gill"Dr Gill is an absolutely sweet person. She helped two of my babies cross over the rainbow bridge. She was so sweet and understanding. Dr Gill took her time and helped us in a very difficult time in our lives. Thank you dr Gill for being there for my babies and for my family during this time. You are a true angel."Melanie HoytKissimmeeAugust 3, 2020Chewy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sierra Hedrick"Our heartfelt thanks for your care and attention provided to us yesterday, Sierra. We are fortunate for angels like you."Jeanine MuirPittsburghAugust 3, 2020Bella's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"Dr. Bates was a truly compassionate doctor. He made Noel’s passing so peaceful which is what we wanted for our sweet girl. He was patient and very attentive. He made a tough day as bearable as possible."Joan McWilliamsDrexel HillAugust 3, 2020Noel's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Daniel Genatiempo"This is the way it should be when you have to make the decision to let them go. Dan was nice and let us proceed at our own pace. Answered all the questions we had and explained what would happen. He understands that this isn't some animal this is a member of your family. He informed us that she was gone and let us have time to take it all in.He treated her with such care after she had passed gently placing her in her basket and placing a blanket gently over it. He let us have all the time to touch her and say goodbye for the final time. They made it possible to have her pass away in her own home with the ones she loved .If you have to make this decision this is how you want it to be."jeff colwellindianapolisAugust 3, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kali Jimenez"Dr. Kali Jimenez is AMAZING. Her caring heart and peaceful presence during a time of such grief surpasses anything I have every experienced. I will be forever grateful for her and how she made the day so peaceful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."JOELLEN KATZJacksonvilleAugust 2, 2020Maggie Mae's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Merchant"Dr. Elizabeth was amazing. From the moment she entered our home and interacted with our Doctor Pupper, I knew we were blessed she agreed to come to us. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Elizabeth."The Shaw'sSun City CenterAugust 2, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sue Mowatt"Thank you Ms. Mowatt for your loving care in helping us put our Little Avery to a peaceful rest. You made it so much easier during this difficult time."Karen SimonAntelopeAugust 2, 2020Avery Johnson's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"Dr. Heather was so comforting in helping me say goodbye to my sweet cat. Her
tone and gentle, caring way made me feel at ease
with such a decision. I was so grateful to have such a special, kind, compassionate
person help me say goodbye to my pet."
Sandy SchumerMedfordAugust 2, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Dr. Kristine Campanelli, Lap of Love. Having you come to our home was a godsend. You were so kind and gentle with Roscoe. The way you explained the process helped put our fears at ease. It was clear to see that you were the perfect choice for this difficult moment. We instantly felt your compassion for our family and the loss we were experiencing. You were so sincere in trying to comfort us and you are truly a blessing. I knew he was in good hands. You gave us confidence in knowing that he would be cared for. We can’t thank you enough for making this devastating moment bearable."Lacey CrawfordWading RiverAugust 2, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Shannon Cabell"Words cannot express how grateful we are for Dr. Shannon and the compassionate service she provided for our family. She brought peace and comfort to an extremely painful situation . She gave our beloved Luke the gift of passing in his yard, on his blanket and in the arms are the parents who loved him. Our hearts hurt but we are forever thankful to Dr. Shannon and the Laps of Love team for making this painful process so simple, You will forever be in our hearts."Kyle GalianeseEwingAugust 2, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Allison Bergin"Dr Allison was outstanding!!"Melinda CzarnyszkaMenomonee FallsAugust 2, 2020Vegas's Pet Memorial