Daniel Genatiempo

I grew up in northeastern Indiana, and knew from the time I was in high school that I was going to be a veterinarian.  After completing my undergraduate work at Butler University I spent two years working toward a master's degree in veterinary microbiology at Texas A&M University.  I completed my DVM at Texas A&M in 2003.  After returning to the Indianapolis area I spent one year in a private practice internship and nearly 12 years in small animal private practice before dedicating my services to end of life care. 

During my years in private practice I discovered that I had an aptitude for end of life care and euthanasia.  Many clients have told me that they feel it must be the most difficult part of being a veterinarian.  My response has always been that it's all about how you view it.  I have always viewed it as on opportunity to allow an animal to pass peacefully and comfortably, a final gift of kindness to them.


Amy Czarnecki

I grew up in rural Michigan surrounded by pets of all kind. I always knew that animals would be a large part of my life, but my fate was cemented when I volunteered at a small animal clinic while attending Albion College. Upon graduation from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, my husband and I started our migration south - first spending several years in the Washington D.C. area and then settling in Savannah, Georgia for 12 years to raise our family. We returned to our Midwestern roots in the summer of 2019. I have always loved medicine- my areas of special interest include dentistry/oral surgery, internal medicine, geriatric medicine and hospice care. I am particularly passionate about client education and fostering a team approach with owners when it comes to patient care. 

During my many year in private practice, I realized that providing peace with dignity at the end of a beloved animal’s life was something that I believed strongly in; protecting the “human-animal bond” from beginning to end is my priority.  Having lost one of the great loves of my life several years ago, I found such peace in being able to say goodbye in our backyard beneath her favorite tree; she was surrounded by her family in a place she loved.  I will always hold this memory in my heart and have dedicated myself to help others find the same comfort when they make that most selfless decision of all to let a loved one go.  I am always humbled when a family allows me to be a part of this final moment and am thankful to be able to serve them in this way. 

I love this poem written by my daughter (then age 10) after we let our beloved Maizy go.  This is what it is all about- my daughter will forever have this special memory of getting to be a part of this beautiful circle of life. 

“Letting Go”- by Addyson Czarnecki 

My mood was dark that summer day 

She got too old to even play 

My heart ached as I drew her near 

All I wanted was to ease her fear 

On a blanket under her favorite tree 

We made the choice to set her free 

I buried my face in her soft, orange fur 

I had never known my life without her 

As minutes passed her heart began to slow 

It was so hard to finally let her go 

I sat there in silence, not knowing what to say 

Then my dad gently picked her up and carried her away 

I know she is at peace now up above 

My sweet old Maizy will never lose my love 

Mary Kovach

I grew up in Lebanon, Indiana. After living in several states as well as a different country, I returned home to raise my family. This is the place where I knew I wanted to become a veterinarian. When I was 4 years old, the family veterinarian saved my cat, Yellow, after he was hit by a car. Yellow returned home with his hind leg amputated but I was in awe of the doctor's compassion. I knew I had found my calling. I worked in a veterinary clinic as soon as one was willing to hire me. While in high school, I also discovered a love for aviation and decided to pursue a degree in it at Purdue. During an internship with a regional airline, I knew I had to return to my original passion for veterinary medicine. I started my pre-veterinary studies at Lincoln Memorial University in East Tennessee. Afterward, I completed my DVM at Ross University, with my clinical year done at Purdue, in 2012.

After graduation, I spent several years in private practice and emergency medicine. From my first experiences as a high school student working in a clinic to practicing as a Doctor, I have always viewed euthanasia and end of life care as a gift to the patients. I have lost many beloved pets throughout the years. Each loss has given me a deep appreciation for my colleagues that helped us through their final moments.

I know how difficult it is to say goodbye to a pet, and I appreciate how selfless this final act is for you. We are blessed in this field to have the opportunity to end a pet's suffering. My priority is to do so with respect and tranquility.