Pet Memorials
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3/30/2010 - 3/20/2019Charlie died peacefully, while cuddled by his human mom of nearly 10 years on Wednesday March 20th, 2019. Charlie was welcomed into his fur-ever home on October 30th, 2010 at an approximate age of 4-6 human years old. Charlie’s human mom, Jen, liked Charlie the most when they met him at the shelter, because he was the only dog that did not bark. It took 2+ years before he ever barked! Autumn initially wanted a cat, but when she met Charlie (previously known as Ryker) she knew he was the one and gave him his fur-ever name. Charlie had many hobbies. He was excellent at cleaning up the floor after Autumn and Lily ate dinner. He was a keen strategist when playing board games with Lily. He also was very patient at events like Coronation Day and while putting on the many shows where he got to wear elaborate outfits designed by Lily. One of Charlie’s favorite things to do was to go camping. He LOVED being in the wilderness, whether the desert or mountains. He was thrilled to explore, sniffing everywhere he went. Charlie was a free spirit. Whenever the opportunity presented itself (kids left the gate/door open, nobody was looking, or it was after 11pm and Mom’s too tired and just let him out) he loved going on adventures by himself. He always found his way back home. Charlie loved the snow. He would get excited and pounce around in it with the biggest grin on his face. Some of his favorite treats were popcorn and carrots. Charlie achieved many accomplishments in his fur-ever home. He was “King of the Dogs” in his neighborhood, became Vice-President of his household, and was Autumn and Lily’s Girl Scout Troop 455 mascot, just to name a few. All the neighborhood kids loved Charlie and knew he loved them. Charlie lived a full life and took really good care of his humans. He was always there for them when they needed him the most, from protecting them from a house break in to comforting them in grief, and everything in between. He will be greatly missed by his loving wife, Lily, whom he patiently married 7 times. Charlie was Lily’s first true love. Charlie leaves behind his human family Jen, Autumn, Lily, Daisy (Guinea Pig) and the newest family member Luke (a Bernedoodle), predeceased by his human father, Joel, and hamsters Luna, Midnight and Oreo. Charlie had many canine friends that will miss him dearly. Some of his favorite friends have been Roxy, Brego, Monty and whomever he would meet on his free-spirited strolls.Jen FolkmanSouth Jordan, UtahMarch 23, 2019
01/01/2006 - 03/22/2019In Loving Memory, MissyBeth ClemonsLexington, KentuckyMarch 23, 2019
7/17/2019 - 3/20/2019Jack loved to go on rides in the car, chase our ATV in 4th gear for about a mile. He also loved to chase squirrels, and try to bite water flowing over rocks. He loved young kids and was the most loyal and loving dog a family could ever want.Holly SmithWHITE BEAR LAKE, MinnesotaMarch 23, 2019
5/19/2004 - 03/16/2019Hammy was a crazy kitty cat. She was incredibly social. She was a weird cat...she could be moody, mischievous, and spastic. She had her claws but she didn't rip stuff up. And she was a loving little kitty cat. Hammy loved life and I loved her. And it seemed like she really loved me. She wasn't a lap cat but she liked getting near me and cuddling with me. She would lay up against me as hard as she could and I would pet her. She loved the Springtime when the windows were open and she could get in the window and put her nose to the air. And, regardless of how well I cleaned, she would find the little cobwebs left over from winter and eat them. AT which point she looked and acted 'stoned' Freakin' Hammy the Head. Ha! She liked Punk and Metal but didn't dig when I played guitar. I guess that tells you about my guitar abilities. LOL! She would jump in the shower with me in the mornings and, for some reason, really enjoyed licking my feet after a shower. Freaking weirdo! Ha! We went through so much together over the course of 14 years. She knew me and my emotions and feelings and reacted accordingly. She was a sweet kitty cat and I feel blessed that I had her in my life. I miss her but I'm glad she was part of my life. Rest in Power Hammy. I love you and you meant the world to me.Stan StanMaxatawny, PennsylvaniaMarch 23, 2019
Puppie Gomez
11/30/2010 - 03/21/2019From Haley : I love you Puppie. I'm sorry I kicked you off my bed. R.I.P. Love Haley.
From Sam : Puppie you made us so happy. You always cheered us up. We will miss you Puppie. Love Sam
From Dad : Peace Pup. Love Dad
From Kasie : I love you. R.I.P my boy. Love Kasie
From Mom : puppie no words can explain how I feel about you. You are the best shit head I've ever raised. When you get settled in your new place "GIVE THEM HELL ". And keep climbing those fences. See you around clown. I love you Love always and forever. R.I.P my baby. I love you. Love Mom.
katharn smithtomball, TexasMarch 23, 2019
9/21/2004Our boy Bobby. After a period of quiet grieving, we are just now able to share with the world a wonderful secret we’ve cherished for 14 years. This guy was a special SPECIAL dude who loved his momma, cuddled like a Teddy-Dog with his daddy and liked to watch TV “on brown couch” with us both . . . our pack. He was vigilant with his check of the yard’s perimeter for intruders and had “camel tongue” maneuver he used to access anything left too close to the table’s edge. Boddy was a most attentive grandpa-dog when introduced to the first grandbaby and did his best to keep up with all the kids this last Christmas. He volunteered as caregiver to his little sister when she lost her sight and helped her everywhere she went until her end. He will remain in our hearts forever, our lives are better to have loved him. Rest in peace BoBo.Mark & Cindy Trezona TrezonaPompano Beach, FloridaMarch 23, 2019
10/21/2006 - 3/17/2019My sweet Gino, I will forever cherish the memories of our time together and the very special bond we shared. Although you are no longer by my side , you will always be in my heart. Mommy loves you forever! Rest in paradise my baby until the day we are together again. ❤️Guenevere GustLong Beach, CaliforniaMarch 22, 2019
07/07/2007 - 3/20/2019Dusty was a rescue dog that I adopted at age 4. He followed me around the house all day. He would wait for me to get home from work in the evenings and greet me with his wagging tail. Even when a member of the family was sick he tried to comfort us by snuggling his little body next to us. He was sick but always wanted to go for a walk and see his friends. I miss Dusty so very much. He was a great guard dog and barked when anyone can to the front porch. I taught him tricks and he taught me to open my heart.Linda PerryRoslindale, MassachusettsMarch 22, 2019
Mack, Bacardis Getting Ready To Rumble
9/23/2012 - 3/20/2019Mack was a gentle giant with a heart and soul of gold!!!!!!
He is greatly missed by is family and friends! He will forever be in our hearts!
Malinda and mike PressonSevierville, TennesseeMarch 22, 2019
Fat Boy
1/7/2004 - 3/21/2019Fat Boy (tigger)
Fat Boy was the best cat I have ever had the pleasure to know. Though his real name is Tigger, it seems that we called him every name but that: Fat Boy, Pillow Bully, Sweet Boy, the King. He certainly was the king of our household, he always knew just the way to get our attention and we couldn't help but oblige. There was almost never a moment where he was unhappy, he would start purring even at the slightest touch. He was always a special cat, from drinking from the toilet to purring as loud as a diesel engine. There was not one hateful bone in his body. He radiated love, calm, and happiness. Every time I was sad he would find me, hop up on my bed and purr his loud purr, and he always made me feel better. On his last day, I asked him to purr for me one last time, and I could tell that he mustered up all the energy he had left to grant my wish. I am forever grateful for stumbling upon such a one of a kind, loving soul.
I'll always love you my sweet boy ♡
Megan HertelColumbus, OhioMarch 22, 2019