Pet Memorials
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The Princess Nala Bear
11/1/2002 - 4/10/2017My sweetest Nala Bear. I was your human from the moment I set eyes on you. You were everything I could have asked for in a furrbaby. For almost 15 years I cherished you and I will continue to cherish your memory. We are making a memorial for you to put in the flower garden. Thank you for the purrs, flops, belly rubs, nuzzles and nose kisses.
Farewell sweet kitten, I will miss you dearly.
Nick IronsMineola, NYApril 14, 2017
5/12/2000 - 3/29/2017Riley, thank you for sharing your life with me. You are forever in my heart.John KravicFort Mill, S. CarolinaApril 14, 2017
2/12/2001 - 4/10/2017With sad hearts earlier this week we said good-bye to our family dog, Jack. Jack was more than a dog, he was a member of the family (immediate, extended, framily), neighbor (Highland, Bartlesville & Avon), friend to many. At 16 years and 2 months (113 in dog years), he lived a long life. He was called Jack, Pretty Dog, Happy Jack, Jackers, Jackson, Buddy, etc. He could tell time as he would ask for his evening treat at 8 no matter what we were doing. He loved vegetables, walks, wagging his tail while dreaming and getting pets and treats. He gave lots of love and he will indeed be missed. Sharing some favorite pictures.....Avon, IndianaApril 14, 2017
12/22/2009 - 4/12/2017Gill had the sweetest nature of any dog I've ever known. She loved kids, walks, and Frisbees. She hated storms, basketball games, and squirrels in her yard. She was a big talker. All she wanted to do was please us, and she did. Every day of her life.Lynn FellPittsboro, North CarolinaApril 13, 2017
California Aka Cali
1/1/2011 - 4/10/2017Cali was a beautiful Red Nose Terrier Pit. She had the cutest chocolate nose and honey colored eyes. She was a golden brown and white with the cutest crown shaped marking on her butt. Though she had been abused as a puppy, she still loved all humans with zero trust issues ever! She loved with her whole heart and so unconditionally every being that ever came into our space. Always wanting to love and to be loved. To honor her life, whenever I am feeling low, feeling frustrated with people, feeling hurt by life, whatever, I will remind myself to keep a Cali State of Mind. We all could learn so much from her.Jennifer NotarfrancescoPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaApril 13, 2017
Buddy/bud Man
7/23/2017 - 4/8/2017Buddy, you were the best!!! My handsome man!! RIPLindi & Rich MillerGainesville, FloridaApril 13, 2017
02/15/2003 - 4/10/2017Casey was welcomed into our home when my brother and I were i grade school. We had the pleasure to grow up with Casey at our side. There has never been a dog so loving and loyal. I remember how excited she would be whenever one of us would return home. She would immediately put a smile on our faces, so it was impossible to be sad at home. For how tiny she was, she was also very athletic. I remember chasing her around the backyard being playing "fetch", which mostly consisted of us chasing Casey around while she ran away with the toy. We never could catch her. She loved being outside, and oh boy did she love the sun. I remember sitting outside on the front porch in the summer while she would get her tan on. It's little memories like that; they made this dog so special. She could make you feel special just by the way she looked at you when you walked through the door; she made me feel special by greeting me with love every visit I made from college. Words can't express how much our family will miss this dog or how much better our lives have been the past 14 years with her in it. Rest easy Casey.Megan MurdochIndianapolis, IndianaApril 12, 2017
4/13/2005 - 1/31/2017Although 11 years in a dog's life is a significant amount of time, all those who met him would agree that it was not long enough. He was a sweet dog with a kind heart. He had the personality of a daydreamer. He could care less about squirrels or insects. A squirrel could lay down next to him and he wouldn't mind as long he had the sunlight shining on him and he could smell the breeze and the grass around him. He was our little "Ferdinand the Bull".

For those who don't know the story of "Ferdinand the Bull", he was a bull who angered his owner because he refused to fight. Despite all the other bulls getting lavished with praise and glory for fighting, Ferdinand only wanted to spend his days laying in the grass and smelling the flowers in the fields. I remember this story as a child and often said that if Chili were a bull he would be Ferdinand.

This dog lived in his own little world. He lived his life in "Chili time". "Chili time" is a pace that can only be described as SLOW. He always needed to stop and scratch, drink water, and smell whatever was between him and his destination. On walks he needed to stop and smell EVERYTHING. He seemed to not have any sense of urgency on getting anywhere. This made it very difficult to walk him with any other dog because he was always several paces behind. One of my fondest memories is his routine of slowly walking to the door to the backyard when I came home to let him out during my short lunch break. He had no care that I only had few minutes to spare. Once outside each day he would get no farther than the first patch of sun before he would lower himself onto the grass and begin what can only be described as a "happy dance". He would rub his face on the grass, then roll over on his back taking in the smells. He always paused during this act, caught my eye, smiled as only dog owners would know, then would continue. When he paused to look to me watching him through the window, It was his way of thanking me for the time each day to do this routine which was so beloved to him.

When we had our daughter, Grace, two years ago, Chili took to her the moment she came home. In almost all of the hundreds of pictures that we have of her, Chili can be found nearby or right beside her. For a dog suffering from cancer almost Grace's entire life, the patience and love that he showed for her was amazing. I feel that the short time that he had with Grace will help shape her life and feelings toward animals. This a lesson that no human could have given to her.

Chili was a dog that had to deal with much in his life. He fought cancer twice. He had a growth removed from his leg as a puppy and had half of his lung removed from the second bout. He had a barrel chest and short little pigeon toed legs that made him look "different" than the other Dachshunds that we have had in our home. When the most recent bout of cancer struck, the Vet said "look, when he walks he shakes his hind quarters causing him to wag his tail." Anyone that spent time with him knew that his tail wagging was just his personality. Even when fighting cancer, that tail never stopped wagging. Although his body failed him, he always seemed carefree and would roll over for a belly rub from anyone that came near him.
Meredith LopezColumbia, S. CarolinaApril 12, 2017
06/01/2007 - 4/10/2017Tawny. Smart, sensitive, faithful, and loyal to a fault. For all these years she's given so much love and joy, selflessly without jealously or anger. Never requiring anything back except for a treat and snuggle. Beings like Tawny are who we should aim to surround ourselves with. To learn from them and hopeful become better people. Though are hearts are aching and our house feels a little more empty we take comfort in knowing that Tawny is no longer suffering and she is free to roam and play as intended. May every dog get the chance to touch a life the way Tawny touched ours and my every person get the chance to receive such unconditional love. Mommy and Daddy love you Tawny, AKA Toons, AKA Tawntawn, AKA Stinko, AKA Ronny.
Tawny is survived by
Brian's son Sean O'Connor and daughter in-law Jackie O'Connor
Caregiver Molly Abreu
and fur brother Budrick (Buddy) O'Connor
Jackie O'ConnorRaleigh, North CarolinaApril 12, 2017
3/6/2004 - 4/10/2017I will be forever grateful that you came into my life Cooper and sincerely hope that one day your spirit and mine will meet again.Irene KoepkeBernalillo, New MexicoApril 12, 2017