Pet Memorials
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2/14/2004 - 3/18/2019Dew was truly a great companion and best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better sweet, loyal, loving dog. Dew will always be in my heart and soul. I miss him so much but he's in a better place. He was our BEST FRIEND, It's like losing your closest friend.
God Bless you little buddy. We are lost without you. My ANGEL 4-ever & Always!!!
Deedee LewisPinellas Park, FloridaMarch 20, 2019
10/01/2004 - 03/19/2019Alaska was an American Eskimo . He came into our lives as a small bundle of soft rabbit fur. He loved Shelby and Mason, our two Grandchildren right from the very start because they were both with us when we found him in a small pet store. There were 5 puppies in a small kiddie pool. 4 of the five puppies were up playing with us and begging for us to adopt them. But Alaska was laying on his back with all four feet in the air, sleeping his life away. Not a care in the world. Immediately I knew THIS IS MY DOG. This is the dog brought into our lives by God for us to adopt as our own. As soon as we got into Tammy, our daughter’s car, Alaska was clawing me to get into the back seat with the kids. So started his love of them and their love of him. I took pictures of them in my kitchen holding him. Peter took one look at this fur ball and said, I don’t think this is going to work out. Well it has to work out because we can’t take him back. Why would you think it won’t work out ? Because I have never owned a dog before. Peter had only owned a cat his whole life. Well Peter and Alaska became fast friends immediately. Peter walked Alaska, made sure Alaska always had meat to eat because Peter said a dog can’t just live on dog food alone. Then one day Mason was over at our house, outside picking up an arm load of sticks in the yard. Alaska would run up to him, grab a bunch of the sticks, shake his head and throw the sticks on the ground. Then run back, grab some more of the sticks and shake his head and throw them on the ground again. Mason was confused . What is he doing ? I told Mason, Alaska is telling you, those are MY sticks and they belong on the ground so you just put them all back down ! Mason put them all back down. He loved Shelby too because Shelby always loved on Alaska and petted him when ever she was around. Alaska was very loved ❤️❤️❤️Sue RoemerStarke, FloridaMarch 20, 2019
2/4/2013 - 3/15/2019Due to Shadow's mixed breed she had a very long and narrow back supporting 39 lbs of lean muscle on short, squatty pronated legs. Her back issues began at 2.5 years old. Each time, we would limit more of her activity and each time she would bounce back. This past June she had her worst setback and the vet did not expect a recovery. Lo and behold she did recover but she was no longer allowed to run in our large backyard that she loved. On March 10th, Shadow had her final setback. Nothing significant happened but anytime she jumped up to greet us or stretched to look out the window or went up and down the stairs of our home could have caused this last problem. This time she was paralyzed and had no ability to go to the bathroom on her own. This time she was in incredible pain and would cry for hours on end despite the cocktail mix of four drugs that always worked in the past. This time she was suffering greatly but she was only six! Getting my family to understand that she needed to be euthanized was agonizing. We are so grateful to Lap of Love. Shadow was in so much pain we could not consider moving her. Our grief was so great that we could not imagine dealing with that in the public light of the vet. In the end she died in her favorite spot on her favorite dog bed with us surrounding her with love. In the end she no longer suffered and she was able to run freely once again.

Today I picked up the remains of our beloved Shadow. It is the end of what has been a very difficult ten days. I was struck by how small but heavy the box is. My heart aches at the thought of my family seeing this box later today but she is back with us so that helps a bit.
Lisa LinkowskyHamilton, New JerseyMarch 20, 2019
Jackson Of The Hammock
9/6/2003 - 3/19/2019The best companion ever. We will miss you always Jackson.Kim ManionFort lauderdale, FloridaMarch 20, 2019
3/1/2008 - 3/20/2019In loving memory of Anna who was the sweetest and most gentle girl I've ever met. Everyone that came into contact with her loved her and she was always so willing to go up and greet people. Even though I was only able to have her for 3 months, I believe she was happy and loved and taken care of. I'll miss her cuddles and kisses. I'll especially miss her tail thumping on the floor in the morning when I get out of bed. I'm just happy I was able to give her all of my love and support during this short time period. Dan and I love and miss you so much Anna. I hope you're chasing squirrels and birds in doggy heaven.Ashley HamiltonMooresville, North CarolinaMarch 20, 2019
5/11/2008 - 3/17/2019"Lucky" Bear James
It all began by browsing at the flea market then I came across this cute little guy that looked so miserable laying there all malnourished at just 3 weeks of age in a terrarium that smelt of a dead reptile waiting to be bought(loved)! I talked/threatened the owner and Lucky became Lucky he was now MINE! I took him straight to the vet; he had round worm, hook worm, and malnutrition being 85% St.Bernard and 15% lab he weighed 2 lbs. Should of been closer to 15 lbs. at this 3 week mark! I started bottle feeding him with what the vet prescribed and got him to a healthy state to continue to grow, know he was loved, and be trained well! He ended up being very easy to train even off the leash he stuck by my side! He ended up growing as tall as head right at my hip standing on his all fours healthy 120 lbs.! We adventured a different park throughout SC some NC everyday I had off of work and boy did Lucky guard his Momma like no other! Then I met my husband and Lucky was unsure of what to think but after 3 years he learned to except him as part of our family and then we had children TALK ABOUT PROTECTION! Anyone even walking past our yard Lucky was sure to alert bark.. When someone approached the door he had the meanest deepest bark but yet such a sweetheart to our family and ones I taught him the word LOVE so he would except them! As we had our first child Lucky needed a friend so we got him Grizz(Rottweiler/lab mix) he treated and trained Grizz so well as if he were his dad! 2 more children added to the family and Lucky couldn't wait to meet them, he loved being introduced with there receiving blanket scent! Then all of us continue to adventure as a bigger family! Now skipping to March 2019, we were vacationing to Pigeon Forge and I noticed Lucky not feeling like he could handle the stairs of a mountain house as he use too we get home I keep a close eye on him about 2 weeks later I notice him drinking less water and laying around A LOT I called the vet to tell them I need to bring Lucky in now he just isn't himself ALL OF A SUDDEN! They found several different masses and said he was very anemic so I needed to get him to the emergency vet! They preformed an ultrasound and he got diagnosed with mestatic spleen cancer Praying hard over my boy I leave him at the emergency vet to get blood transfusion because he is now no longer producing red blood cells and needed IV fluids! Visit him the next day spending quite a few hours at the emergency vet visiting him and I made the decision to bring him home(in agreement the veterinary doctor I would set up an appointment with lap of love just in case) to love on him and care for him in the peace if our home! He continued getting sicker and hurling vial mixed with blood clots at 6 a.m. Sunday morning so I knew he couldn't suffer like that he was to good to me and my family to watch him suffer! 10 a.m. Lap of Love visits us at home and helped us in the most comforting ways! It hurts and I miss Lucky dearly but he is no longer struggling and has my FIL and Great Grandparents as his sidekicks in HEAVEN! Lucky Bear Momma misses you forever you will always be in my heart and memories!
Candis JamesIrmo, S. CarolinaMarch 20, 2019
3/8/2005Easiest hard decision ever made.Houston, TexasMarch 20, 2019
5/4/1993 - 9/19/2018Whiskers,
It has been 6 months to the day since you passed away in my arms. It has been very hard for me to accept that you are no longer with us. I miss your sweet little face, I miss that you are not there greeting me at the door each day, I miss that special time at night when you would lay on my chest and rest your sweet face on my neck, I miss watching you open the doors (Whiskers could open doors, so you had to be sure they were locked), I miss picking you up and holding you close and I especially miss your presence in our home. I still cry each day. I still have the shirt I had on the day you left us--I just cannot wash it. I can see your fur on some spots. Sometimes I just have to hold that shirt and it makes we weep. I never knew it would be this hard, but it is. Sometimes I feel that maybe I did not do enough to keep you here, but I knew in my heart it was time. I will always keep you and all of our family memories in my heart." I will never forget you Whiskers--you were the best!
Lisa FearnsHobe Sound, FloridaMarch 20, 2019
4/10/1999 - 3/17/2019Rascal, you brought such joy to our lives! We miss you and you will always be in our hearts.Michelle MagnottaMamaroneck, NYMarch 19, 2019
11/10/2007 - 10/13/2017Sunny truly brightened our lives.Ashlee NaveBenbrook, TexasMarch 19, 2019