Pet Memorials
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5/20/2002 - 5/9/2019Our dear girl Roxy crosssed the rainbow bridge just 11 days short of her 17th birthday. To say she was the joy of our lives in an understatement. She was my husband and I's first baby and she taught us so many things about life, love and caring for others. She taught us it's ok to take a nap in middle of the living room floor; that we should enthusiastically show our love to our humans each and every time we see them (even if it's only been about 5 minutes since we saw them last!); begging sometimes does work, don't be too proud; tolerance for those that are different pays off, ex. cats and toddlers can be our friends (and share their food). Although a wise soul, we never could convince her that the mail carrier and the UPS delivery guy were actually on our side. With her help, we raised three kids, an endless stream of cats, and two puppy sisters. She was the consumate leader, always willing to show a newcomer the ropes. She never met a body of water that didn't need jumping in, or a tennis ball that didn't need chasing. She was the most awesome dog, friend, and fur child and we'll love her forever. She was preceded in death by her dear friend Lola the border collie and together now they are chasing butterflies and mailmen-shaped clouds in the sky.Dederick FamilyClarkston, GeorgiaMay 18, 2019
5/10/2012 - 5/12/2019Jax came into our lives just a short 7 years ago. And although we may have not had him for, what some would say, was a long time, he made one hell of an impression on us and will most definitely live in our hearts forever.

Jax was diagnosed with cancer from a tumor that developed in December of 2019, but that wasn't going to stop him, or us. Chemo treatments and surgery, gave him a chance to live his best life and feel the immense love around him. However, that was short lived. Eventually the chemo stopped working, and his tumor grew back with a vengeance, and we knew there was nothing left of us to do.

He passed peacefully on Sunday, May 12 - in the security of his home, in our arms - but not before he got to enjoy one of his favorite meals, a gigantic Jimmy John's sandwich.

We miss him everyday. Our house just isn't the same without him. Jax's loyalty and loving antics are instilled in our hearts. We’ll never have another dog like Jax, and we will always cherish the memories we had with him. And whenever we see a rainbow, we know that are baby is in a better place - eating all the food of the counters that his little heart desires.
Kristen OwenDenver, ColoradoMay 18, 2019
02/14/2002 - 05/17/2019We said goodbye to our Sweet, Sweet Savannah.

We will miss you always Savannah!

Savannah was the best dog ever! She gave a solid 17 years of unconditional love - such a gift we are so grateful for. Although your body has left us, you will be forever in our hearts.

We thank God for letting us borrow her for these past 17 years as she brought so much love, joy and laughter to us.
We will see you one day in heaven sweet girl -- until then say hello to everyone up there for us!

Jill WrightARRINGTON, TennesseeMay 18, 2019
Kalli ( Little )
02/28/2005 - 05/08/2019Kalli was the sweetest dog. She loved people and other pets and especially kids. I am so thankful for the time we had together. She was with me through so much. She was very protective of me. She loved to sit out and sun bathe. She loved chicken especially from my homemade chicken soup.Brandy JacobsDeerfield Beach, FloridaMay 18, 2019
4/1/2004 - 5/4/2019Kassi, my sweet sweet girl,
You came to us as a scared and insecure pup that had bounced around from 5 different foster homes, and was about to be put down because you were "too difficult to train". It was pure luck and timing that I found you, and I'm so grateful to God that I did.

From the moment I saw you, I fell in love with your big beautiful eyes, your soft ears, and your smile. You made a buddy in our other dog, Indy, and for the past 14 years, I've been so used to hearing both of your collars jingling behind me. You brought such joy every single place you went.

Over time, you transformed. You went from being scared and unsure, to comfortable, happy, and bossy! We loved how you'd "talk" to us and remind us that we needed to give you treats or a belly rub. We loved your strong personality, your indomitable spirit, and the sheer joy of seeing you feel safe and complete in our home. You found your family - and one that adored you so very much.

Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. We didn't want to think that our strong, beautiful, intelligent beauty had to go back home to God. It was so difficult to hold you, knowing that you had to go back home to the angels.

We will always miss you, your "chats" with us, how silly and funny you were, how smart you were, and above all, just how loving you were. I miss your soft ears, the sound of your voice, the jingle of your collar, and the feel of your fur. My friend, you have taught me so much about life, love, and the in-between. You were one of the best teachers I've ever had, and I'm forever grateful that I got to have you in my life. You touched all of our hearts and souls. You continue to inspire me, even now that you're gone.

One day we will be reunited. Until then, rest easy, my sweet angel. May your heaven be filled with all of your favorite foods, endless belly rubs, sunny spots for you to nap in, and endless joy. You deserve nothing less. We love you. We miss you.
Krishna ShuklaRandolph, New JerseyMay 18, 2019
10/10/2004 - 5/17/2019The saying "If loved could of saved you, you would have lived forever" says it all. A part of our family is missing and my heart is broken. I have to thank God for giving me the opportunity to be your mommy for the last 15 years. I can see you now running in heaven, jumping through the air to catch your bubbles, that 10 week old puppy full of energy I fell in love with so many years ago. You were our baby, our family and you will be dearly missed. Until we meet again my sweet Baylee.Liz GarrisonLoxahatchee, FloridaMay 17, 2019
Clark Oldani

We are writing to say that Clark is no longer with his family. John and I loved him so very much and tried everything in our power to give him a longer life, but God had other plans for him, so he left this earth on April 16th.

He was an exceptionally loving dog who was very people oriented. In fact, people were also drawn to Clark. People would always say he is so cute, he looks like he is smiling, he is so friendly. In fact, he was known for jumping in people’s laps that he didn’t know at the dog park and wanting attention so badly that he would hip check other people’s dogs out of the way to get attention from the owner. No one ever minded though as they thought it was adorable. He just seemed to brighten people’s days. That is why his nickname was Sparkle.

Clark also had a serious side which included playing policeman at Happy Tails, as well as the Dog Park. But he also loved playing hard himself, but let another dog get too rough with someone and he was on patrol.

There was also a mischievous side as he would sneak vegetables out of the garden. In fact, Clark was known to eat half of a 12-inch cucumber on more than one occasion, same with a squash along with half a watermelon. But his favorite thing to do was sneak green tomatoes into the house at night and hang out with mom when she worked in the garden; always waiting for a small tomato off his very own tomato plant.

Clark also loved traveling which included playing in the hotels and rentals on vacations, especially Colorado and Phoenix, in addition to going to every dog park possible when on the road. We didn’t think it would happen this year, but he made it to Phoenix with us, once again, and had a pretty good time taking walks, going to restaurants, visiting the great dog parks in Phoenix and simply chilling in the backyard.

Everyone who met Clark commented on how well behaved he was, whether he was in someone else’s home, when individuals visited our home and especially at vet visits. No matter what process or procedure Clark experienced at a vet appointment – radiation, MRI, CT you name it, he was always compliant. In fact, Clark was known to fall asleep on the exam table on a few occasions which included a few snores.

Since Clark gave us so much joy, we tried very hard to honor that love in his last few days. We had several talks with him hoping to let him know how important he was to us and his brother. The day before he passed, he went to the dog park and had his last walk. He also got to put his head out of the window of the car for the last time, which was also one of his favorite things in life. Then, on Tuesday, April 16, we gathered in the backyard near the garden (his favorite place), fed him mom's homemade treats as well as tomatoes (his favorite food) and planted his last tomato plant.

We included his brother, Addison, in the entire process. Addison and Clark were litter mates who came to us via an amazing puppy mill rescue. While people may say they were lucky to get a nice home, we were/are the lucky ones as they let us know every day how much they love/loved us, made/make us laugh and got us out of our comfort zones, at times. They were extremely bonded and pretty much inseparable. Clark was very devoted to his brother as we would always find him doing something to care for Addison.

Addison had demonstrated concern for his brother in the last few days which let us to believe he was trying to tell us it was probably time to make a heart wrenching decision. At the end Addison validated our decision by simply lying down next to Clark, on the blanket, in a very calm fashion as if he was saying I can rest now as my brother is no longer struggling.
Addison had seen Clark struggle to navigate the world for some time but a lot in the last few days. He had been there for his brother through everything, each vet visit, which there were a lot, each late night visit to the yard, every long, hard walk outside, stepping back when his brother needed help eating or drinking or simply getting out the door, staying close by when he was having trouble walking and intervening when he knew his brother was being bothered by an overly playful dog at the dog park. Addison seems to be doing well because we believe he really took the lead for us in this decision-making process.

It is important to thank everyone who has been a part of Clark’s life and care which includes family members, especially Mia, who he loved to have spend the night, as he would sleep by her bed to make sure she was safe at night. Also, Carson and Allie who didn’t go with us to pick up Clark but did to get his brother. They held them tight on the ride to their new home making them feel safe and loved. They also spent a lot of time that first Christmas watching and training them while Grandma Vicki and Papa Cubbies hosted two family gatherings. Because of their efforts, potty training and basic commands, such as “sit” and “come” were learned very quickly with the use of cheerios for rewards. Most important all his family, immediate and extended, loved him and thought he was a “good boy”.

To all the staff at Happy Tails, who gave him ten wonderful years of play, care and snuggles. You took such good of care of him and Addison that we never had to worry when we were out of town. You made sure he always had a blanket in his crate, whether it was nap time or night time. You knew his likes (people and blankets) and his dislikes (puppies and dogs who were not behaving). You clued us in that he thought he was the policeman of the dog play yard which helped us understand him better when he went to the dog park. Most important you welcomed him with open arms when he was starting to struggle knowing he needed the extra stimulation of day camp, but also knowing he would probably need extra help. So, thank you so much for those great ten years as he always loved coming, but more important for the last couple of visits as it gave him extra love and allowed him to check one more item off his bucket list.

We thank all the veterinarians who worked with him as he had first class care from Colorado State, to Phoenix to Springfield to St. Louis. Everyone treated him with respect and tenderness, not willing to give up on him at any time. We thank you for listening to us when we thought something other than the obvious may be wrong; respecting our knowledge of our pet. We thank you for honestly validating us when we thought it was time to keep trying. We also thank you for validating our final decision as it was so very important that we knew we had done the right thing.

We also want to thank the many employees at the veterinary clinics who took our calls, forwarded our questions and never made us feel like we were asking too much. Sometimes it was the little side chats or having a laugh, while waiting for Clark, that made a very hard time, a little easier.

We never thought we would be writing a tribute to our pet, especially Clarkie as he seemed invincible, but we also never truly realized, until recent years, what a strong and lasting impact pets have on your lives. They make you happy when you are down, love you unconditionally, forgive you when you have a bad day but most important make you a more caring and better person. So, thank you Clark because you did all of that and more for your family. We hope you are happy, but you will be missed so very much.
Vicki Hedges-OldaniSaint Charles, MissouriMay 17, 2019
6/07/2006 - 5/16/2019My beautiful boy, Georgi, left us on May 16, 2019 at the age of 14 in the comfort of his own bed with my son, Max, and I hugging him til his last breath. Life and home will be emptier without our puppy. We are grateful to have had him in our lives and will miss and love him forever.Jeana CohenWest Palm Beach, FloridaMay 17, 2019
3/3/2000 - 5/16/2019Dear Killer, words cannot express how much we love you and miss you. You will be forever in our hearts. You were the best little doggie with such a sweet personality.Pamela BrazellDavenport, FloridaMay 17, 2019
3/26/2010 - 5/6/2019Junior was a gentle giant, a puppy by heart. He was very playful and lovable that my brother would risk his dog allergies just to hang out with him. Unfortunately he had to cross the rainbow bridge due to his health. You will be missed, Junior and I’ll see you on the other side.Pedro SantanaGranada hills, CaliforniaMay 17, 2019