Pet Memorials
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9/12/2004 - 12/4/2019Long may you roam Murry.The GillespiesStockton, CaliforniaDecember 6, 2019
11/12/2003 - 12/1/2019“Do you want to take her home?”

So began our nearly sixteen-year adventure with Pepper. She brought so much love, laughter, and unceasing joy for life to our home. She was the best of friends; a constant companion (especially on trips to the kitchen); and a courageous defender against squirrels, cats, and the occasional turtle. She stole our socks, slippers, and food if she could reach it, but we could never get angry when she looked at us with her big brown eyes and a cheeky grin. Pepper loved walks in the field, tugging and herding us along to get to the best scents and, perhaps, some discarded food. She also loved her “potty pals”: the elite stuffed animals and toys she ran out of the doggie door with each morning, and that consequently ended up in the washing machine each weekend.

Pepper was endlessly devoted to whoever she deemed “her people.” Friends, neighbors, the mailman, our wonderful dog walker Robin and her team—Pepper adored them all (especially when they came bearing treats). She indulged in pets and belly rubs from us, and she had the softest, prettiest fur. Folks from around the neighborhood would stop by to see and pet Pepper; she had a crew of admirers! We all worked to match the love she so effortlessly gave.

We are so lucky to have shared our lives with such a sweet, loving soul. She was meant to be part of our family, and we are so grateful that the stars aligned and allowed us to have so many wonderful years together. No amount of time would ever have been enough with our little Pepper.
Stephanie and Sylvia BastaniWallingford, PennsylvaniaDecember 6, 2019
4/3/2019 - 12/3/2019Skittles,
Thank you for being the family's comfort and support.
You were always there for all of us in our time of need.
You helped mold and shape the other younger cats of the home into well behaved models to follow after in your stead.
Until your in our arms again, remember us as you enjoy being refreshed and made whole again.
We love you so much
Krista KrantzLancaster, PennsylvaniaDecember 5, 2019
11/3/2010 - 12/3/2019Rocky, you will live forever in our hearts.Ron DeFonceSaint Louis, MissouriDecember 5, 2019
3/5/2006 - 12/3/2019The hardest thing we ever had to do was to say goodbye to you!
We know it was time, but our hearts hurt. We know you are running again in
heaven and you are not in pain anymore. We will always remember you and have
Wonderful memories of the time you spent with us. We were so lucky to have you in
Our lives! Love you Gingy!!!
Lynette TavanoNiagara Falls, New YorkDecember 5, 2019
6/7/2006 - 12/2/2019My heart is broken my precious Angel, when I come home you aren't meowing for me to touch you because that is all you wanted, just my touch. Your sweet head bumps and the way you put your paw on my leg when we would sit on the couch was the best thing you could do, we were always touching ! I miss your little body next to me in my bed and the way you would wake me up by walking on my body and purring in my ear or my face, you were so adorable.
It will be a long long time before I get over the hurt of missing you, I recorded your purr and your sweet Angel talk when I knew you were getting sick, I will have that to help soothe me when I miss you.
I hope you find Scooter in heaven and you two become friends, there isn't any reason to be jealous of each other any more.
I love you my sweet little girl with all my heart, until will meet again !
Laurel HartleyLake Stevens, WashingtonDecember 5, 2019
5/28/2008 - 12/2/2019So much ❤️! ...and even though we were blessed to have this beautiful girl care for us for 11 years and 6 months, it will never be enough time. She was absolutely the best buddy I could have ever asked for. I will miss you my sweet baby girl. ❤️ You were my precious snuggler, companion, coach, mama and best friend. I can only imagine how many miles we walked, ran, swam and explored together. You were absolutely amazing!! You did your job sweet Zoey. You raised us well, played with us, watched over the babies, protected us, loved us and taught us unconditional love. Your wings are earned and now you can continue your job from heaven. I love you Zoey. I miss you more than I could ever express in words. ❤️ God Bless you Zoeita, linda, mi corazón. ❤️ 5/28/08-12/2/19Tania BriggsLino Lakes, MinnesotaDecember 4, 2019
2/11/2004 - 12/2/2019Thank you for 17 years of unconditional love and fun. Your spunky personality is what kept you so healthy all
Of these years. I remember adopting you from North Shore Animal League in March of 2004 and giving you to the kids in an Easter basket! You were the cutest little mutt! Jaime and Timmy loved having you as their dog throughout their childhood. We are sorry your body could not keep up with your will to live on. We miss you tremendously already the house is so quiet without you. We know you are at peace now so although we will miss you everyday, our hearts will heal knowing your at peace now. Give our love to Rylie Rose 🌹(taken at 3 1/2 years old) in heaven too! Run free and play until we meet again!😘🐾
Maggie MaggioRocky Point, New YorkDecember 4, 2019
7/13/2011 - 12/3/2019Jetson was the most family oriented and dedicated to us in every way and filled everybody’s life with joy, not a day will go by without us missing him and the love that he gave us and that we shared as a family. I hope that you are in peace in your after life my little Jetters!Ramona BalowFair Oaks, CaliforniaDecember 4, 2019
1/8/2008 - 12/1/2019Max was just shy of his 12th birthday when he left us. The last four years of his life, he lived with diabetes that I was able to control for awhile even though blindness eventually caught up with him. He also suffered from spinal problems and deafness. He did not let these setbacks slow him down. He had a strong will that kept him going. He was a beautiful Lab with yellowish-white fur with gold highlights in just the right places. He had such soulful eyes that would melt your heart in an instant. He was my shadow, constant companion, best friend and my support system until the end. He has comforted me and helped me cope with my husband's cancer. He could sense the changes and sadness in our lives and was always there to lend a non-judgmental ear. He had given me all that he had left to give and finally told me it was time to let him go.
I will miss his presence...the nails clicking on the floor, him laying on my feet and the unexpected "goose" in the rear!! The cats, horses and all your dog cousins and friends miss you too!
Rest well my good boy!!
Barbara ParsonsDanville, IndianaDecember 4, 2019