Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
6/1/2001 - 1/2/2018Park, you big, gentle ball of fur. At 16 years old, we were certain you would live forever. You were such a cool cat and brought such energy into our home. It's so empty here without you roaming around looking for a lap to jump into. You were such a huge part of our family, and healing from the loss of you will not come easy.Chris WilsonClearwater, FloridaJanuary 7, 2018
Evelyn May
5/11/2001 - 1/6/2018I found Ripley in the spring of 2001. A small puppy dirty and full of worms. The vet didn't think she would live but she was a fighter. She was feisty all her life but she was a dear companion. I will miss her but I know she had a full life. Bailey her "sister" Dylan and I miss her.Evelyn MayColumbia, S. CarolinaJanuary 7, 2018
4/7/2004 - 1/4/2018We are so sad this evening as we had to say goodbye to our dear Guinness. Adopted at 9 and we only had him for 4 short but memory packed years. Its just incredible how a s 34lb pug can bring so much joy, happiness, smiles and love not only to us but all our extended family and friends. We ache but know in our hearts that you made us that much better versions of who we are today!Mark JakChicago, IllinoisJanuary 6, 2018
10/6/2007 - 1/5/2018With extreme sadness, today marks the passing of the great champagne mini-poodle, Buddy Grasso. Distinguished by his expressive brown eyes, ready smile and tail-a-waggin', Buddy will never be forgotten by anyone who has ever met him.

His patented perch in the window of the old green truck brought honks & smiles from passing motorists across all ages, genders and ethnicities. He loved to drive and let the wind tickle his signature ears and pomp. He gave more than he took from this earth. His heart had room for everyone. His great good humor served him well and he dodged many bullets in his too short life. He attacked each day in the same way, slow and steady wins the race, with plenty of pit stops for treats and luvins'.

His posse of well worn critter toys, his house mate Pixel and his best friends Margaret and Lou will miss him with every fiber of their being. But, the lessons he taught will continue to live. The love he brought will continue to give. We wish him the best on his next journey through the universe, and hope to meet again someday.

Long live Buddy Grasso. We love you and we thank you, thank you, thank you.


Ten Life Lessons Buddy Taught Me by his Dad - Lou Grasso

1. Just because you are male, that doesn't mean you're in charge.
2. Always go balls to the walls for the ones you love.
3. Own your ass, hell, celebrate it.
4. No sense measuring the love you give, it's got no limits.
5. It's okay to fight if you kiss before and after.
6. Stand your ground, the treat you deserve will be found.
7. Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never lie down when you can sleep.
8. Always keep your guys close, but make sure they know you're the boss.
9. Keeping the peace takes more courage than fighting back when you look at the big picture.
10. Being loveable is the best tool in your toolbox.
Margaret & Lou GrassoSmithtown, NYJanuary 6, 2018
4/28/2005 - 1/6/2018My boy, Samson.....I wish you could have lived longer...just about only 100 years more...You passed away too were only 12. I wished you could have lived longer, but your enlarged heart couldn't handle it. I can only say that physically your heart was shutting down...but spiritually, your heart was overflowing with love. Love you gave to us and the unconditional love you received in return. You were my life, love, and best friend. You never faltered on showing your love. You always greeted us everyday with your little nubby tail wagging. I never left your side when you had to leave this Earth to go to the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven. And I will never leave you in spirit. I carry you within my heart and I can only say that you are the first thing that I want to see when my time comes. Till then, my boy, Sammy I will love you eternally and I look forward to seeing you once again...

God please take care of my Sammy...I promise I will take over when I get there...Amen
Tracy CardellaPort Monmouth, New JerseyJanuary 6, 2018
10/12/2010 - 1/4/2018My sweet girl was diagnosed with lymphoma 3/17 ,she put up a great fight doing chemo treatments through October. Unfortunately the cancer came back with a vengeance and on Jan 4th we had to give her up and set her free from this horrible disease. Thank you to Dr Heather for braving the blizzard to help Talullah .Amy RichterWest Islip, NYJanuary 6, 2018
Sir Moses
6/6/2006 - 1/4/2018Sir Moses Swartz the first (birth certificate name) had many alias’s: motor, motorboat, butt, boy, mo, momo, baby boy, dude, mose, moser, buba)

Moses was born on 6/6/6 in Mount Victory, Ohio. He entered my life 11 and a half years ago. My mom, who proceeded Moses in death gave him his regal name. Moses had a gift of healing. He had a special ability to understand my emotions and when I needed him to be playful and when I needed him to comfort me. He protected me at all costs. Moses was gentle with my kids and provided our home with a special touch of love. He loved to swim, run, chase things, play ball, eat, please, and me... Moses loved me unconditionally. He followed me around everywhere I went. If I was just on the phone pacing he had his butt right behind me pacing too. He was always aware of where I was and desired nothing more than to be by my side. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, car rides- Moses and I didn’t care as long as we were together, we were both happy. I am certain that Moses and I were created to be together. When I was told Moses had hermangiosarcoma and I saw the size of his tumor and learned he was bleeding internally- I made the difficult decision to say goodbye. Moses, my sweet boy, I pray you trust my decision and know I loved you so much that I couldn’t let you fight the losing battle of this ruthless cancer. I maybe said goodbye a few days too soon but I couldn’t risk you suffering on my watch. Moses, you couldn’t have been a more perfect dog for me. My house and our family will never be as complete as it was when you were here. Please greet me the day I am called home. Until then, be free! I love you forever!!
Katie SwartzColumbus, OhioJanuary 6, 2018
Duke & Nico Hardwick
5/31/2007 - 1/3/2018Marmaduke “Duke” Hardwick & Nico “The Nimble” Hardwick. The most handsome, sweet, smart and amazing boys to ever grace the universe. We dedicate this to you. Even though the time we had seemed far too short, you left us with a lifetime of unconditional love and sweet memories. Until we meet again you beautiful souls, our hearts will be incomplete… 💕Steph & Brian HardwickNorth Port, FloridaJanuary 6, 2018
Sara Lee
7/23/2001 - 1/3/2018Sara Lee was a very special part of my life. She had some silly things she liked to do, like sticking her whole face in the water bowl when she drank, loved going in her pool. She was my lap dog. If I were sitting in the recliner, she'd have to jump into my lap and fall asleep. My heart is breaking right now. I miss her so much. She certainly was a fighter, a survivor. We almost lost her around Christmas of 2016, but the terrier in her fought her way back to me. Then again this past Christmas I thought I was going to lose her again, but she bounced back once again. Then on January 2nd, she just couldn't fight anymore and with a heavy heart I had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you and love you my baby girl. Life will never be the same without you my sweet Sara Lee.Gail RevakSayville, NYJanuary 6, 2018
10/31/2008 - 1/5/2018Sadly our sweet boy went to kitty heaven. Quinten was the most laid back, loving, sweet, beautiful, happy cat you would meet. You would just touch him once and his purr motor would start. Quinten was loved and with his brother, Colby, and his human family until almost the very end. We were blessed that he found us amoungst all the people at Peggy Adams. It was our honor to have raised him. He truly was my daughters best buddy . Quinten is forever with us. Fly high with the kitty angels our boy. We love you always.Sharon, Cassie and Joey MargosianLake Worth, FloridaJanuary 6, 2018