Pet Memorials
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Lizzi Lu
6/13/2001 - 7/20/2016Sweet, silly, sassy Lizzi came to our family through Rescue. We had adopted another Aussie 10 months earlier and wanted to add to our fur family. At our adoption meet and greet, there were 3 pups up for adoption. It was clear to our family, LIZZI CHOSE US!! She was not going to let us leave with out her! We were incredibly blessed that she chose us.

We knew Lizzi was deaf when we adopted her, but did not realize her other health issues. However, nothing could hold this girl back from enjoying life to the fullest. We christened her with the title of 'Family Clown.' Lizzi kept us laughing. Lizzi loved puddles as long as the puddles were muddy, she would go out of her way to splash through a muddy puddle! She also love to eat crayons! Her psychedelic colored poop was always interesting to dispose. As a pup she could chase the dot of a laser pointer for hours as well as tennis balls. We always tired of the game well before Lizzi.

Even with her vision problems, Lizzi was the first to let us know of every leaf blowing by the window. The mail carrier and the UPS delivery person didn't stand a chance, Lizzi could spot him/her and 'save her family' by barking the perpetrator away as soon as the mail/package was delivered. Her tactics worked every time! Jack o'lanterns and scarecrows each Fall trembled when Lizzi walked by and reminded them to leave her family alone!

Our sweet girl faced her multiple health issues with grace and taught us all perseverance. She taught us you see and hear with your heart, not your eyes and ears. We miss her sweet cuddles and her silly quirks. We are so grateful her beautiful spirit is no longer in pain and she is running and playing with her sister, across the bridge. She is always in our hearts and her presence is continuously felt by all.
Monica RobinsonSt. Louis, MissouriAugust 14, 2016
10/27/1998 - 8/1/2016Caspian was our Russian Blue kitty with the sweetest and most beautiful soul. We had a bond and connection that I will never be able to explain, other than that she always felt like my little furry soul mate. For 18 years she slept by my side, and when my husband came into our life five years ago, she quickly approved of him and grew to love him as much as me, and slept by his side as well, sometimes even preferring to sleep in his arms over mine. I could not have been more blessed to have such an amazing companion in my life for almost two decades. I will forever be grateful for the many happy memories and all of the adventures that we shared (she was a little explorer like myself). I am inspired by her tough spirit that helped her survive on the streets until she was rescued, that helped her recover from a stroke four years ago, and that helped her endure and battle CKD for 3 1/2 years until her body could fight no more. While her body eventually shut down, her heart and spirit never did, and she left us in the most beautiful and serene way, looking out at the ocean with the sunshine warming her face, just like she always loved to do. I know she felt our love in this sacred moment as my husband and I held her while her soul peacefully left this world. As heartbreaking as it was to have to say goodbye, it was exactly how she deserved to leave us, and this brings us great comfort. She is now an angel in heaven, as she was to us here on earth. My sweet Caspian, Cassie, CeeCee, Caspita (your daddy's name for you), thank you for all of the joy you brought into our lives. Oh how I miss kissing your velvety nose and soft ears, and hearing your soft purring against my chest as we fell asleep together every night and again when you would nudge me awake in the morning. I miss the smell of your fur, how you would nibble my ear as I held you over my shoulder, how you sweetly greeted me every time you would see me with your little chirpy meow and how you would snore when you were in a deep sleep (which was quite often these last couple of years). I miss your loving and soulful emerald green eyes looking back at me. I miss your daily rituals, how the first thing you would do every time you woke up was run to your food dish to eat, how you would rub the side of your mouth on the bed posts which now are completely bare and discolored from your years of doing this every day. Every time I look at the bed posts, I think of you and miss you. I miss everything about you. I will always think of you when I walk on the beach and watch the sunset. Your daddy and I are heartbroken without you, and we will love you and miss you forever. Until we are together again, happy exploring.Meghan and ManuelSeal Beach, CaliforniaAugust 14, 2016
3/1/2001 - 8/12/2016For the seven years we had you, you were the best friend we could ever imagine. You filled our lives with joy and companionship. You are free now, Sam. We will always be grateful for the gift your presence was in our lives, and you will live forever in our hearts.Sara IvesSeattle, WashingtonAugust 14, 2016
3/22/1997 - 8/12/2016In a room of 16 kittens, Kramer walked up and sat next to me as all the other kittens ran around playing and paying no attention to my presence at all. The choice was easy, he picked me. For 19 and a half years he was my best friend, traveling the country with me everywhere I lived. Never in my life have I witnessed the will to live life as I did in my tiny 8lb friend. The very definition of unconditional love.Gregory BillingsleySeattle, WashingtonAugust 13, 2016
8/5/2001 - 8/7/2016Tunie Bear -
You will always be our big orange hunk of love. Because that's what you were - love. We will miss you dearly. We find some peace knowing that you are united once again with your best friend, Pembrook. We hope you both are playing and snuggling with each other again. We hope we will see you again.
Jill & Ed VahlinNeptune Beach, FloridaAugust 13, 2016
Kitta loved everyone in the family, but he had a special place in his heart for his 'father'. The two of them spent many happy hours together, with Kitta curled up in the crook of my husband's elbow. He was a sweet cat, who had a tough start in life, but eventually learned to love and trust again. Our home will never be the same without him, but we're so glad we had him for as long as we did. Rest sweet Kitta.Kitta ObermarkCincinnati, OhioAugust 12, 2016
2/2/1998 - 7/21/2016On July 21, 2016, we had to put our beloved, caring, handsome, and faithful companion of 18 years, Tango to rest. We are so grateful that we contacted Lap of Love. Dr. Jordan was patient and considerate to our needs the minute he walked into our house. He was soft spoken and had a calm demeanor, which was very comforting for us. He was knowledgeable about the procedure and was very gentle with Tango. Thank you Dr. Jordan and Lap of Love for making this very difficult time much easier for us.Ria LaSandMiramar, FloridaAugust 12, 2016
Bella Sofia
8/9/2016Run free Bella Sofia with all my senior furkids who crossed over before you & give them my love.
One day we will all meet again & be together forever.
Give Bear, Baby, Reka Kuri, Sophie, Walter, Frankie, Howler & Chewy my love.
Bobbie MiddlebrookeRiverside, CaliforniaAugust 11, 2016
10/24/2016 - 7/29/2016Dear Pie
It will be 2 weeks since you left us and our hearts still ache. We are so very blessed you came into our lives and so fortunate we had you for 17 years. While we never knew your origins we know you were meant to be part of our family. Whoever had you originally was at a loss. Cleo and Maestro I know feel your missing presence. They are trying very hard to make up for your not being there and you would be proud that Cleo is being a sweetlove like you always were. I know you are at peace so that gives us comfort but we will miss you every day forever. Have fun running on that rainbow bridge and eating lots of treats my sweetlove forever. Mom and Dad xo
Steve and Diann HelblingClarkston, MichiganAugust 11, 2016
6/26/2008 - 8/7/2016Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away into the next room. Whatever we were to each other, we still are. Please, call me by my old familiar name. Speak of me in the same easy way you always did. Laugh, as we always laughed, at the little jokes we shared together.
Think of me and smile. Let my name be the household name it always was, Spoken without the shadow of a ghost in it. Life means all it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. Death is inevitable, so why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, - for an interval very near. Nothing is past or lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before, Only better and happier.

Together forever. All is well.
-- Henry Scott Holland
Argyle, TexasAugust 11, 2016