Pet Memorials
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6/12/2004 - 3/24/2017Cooper, Coopie-Do, Coop-Dog, Big Boy, Old Man, The Most Handsomest Dog Ever, Good Boy, Buddy Boy... Having to say good-bye to our beloved Golden last Friday was one of the most difficult decisions ever. We cherish the almost-thirteen years we had with him. He gave us so much joy and laughter. From the first days we brought him home as a pup when he would sleep under the coffee table, to those last days when he couldn't get up at all, Cooper filled our lives with unconditional love. He loved to chase balls, squirrels, and sticks. He loved jumping in the leaves, getting splashed beside the pool and squirted with the waterhose. He never met a stray sock, stuffed animal or juicy bone he didn't like (or an occasional Egg Muffin). He always wanted to be by our side and was a true loyal companion. He loved his Grammy & Poppa, especially Grammy, who would come stay with him whenever we were out of town. He loved riding in the car, as all dogs do I think, having his ears flap in the breeze. He loved pestering his feline 'sister', Daisy, just wanting to play. Now our house is empty and quiet, a giant hole left in our hearts by our much-loved Coop. We know he is "forever young" on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and one day hope to see him again! We think it's true... ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN! Thank you to Drs. Katie Stender and Erin Coello for helping our pets, Daisy and Cooper cross that bridge.Michelle, Tom and Maddie McCarthyJacksonville, FloridaMarch 27, 2017
1/1/2002 - 3/17/2017Darcy had been my companion for nearly 13 years. Darcy is the one whom transitioned my dwelling from a house, to a home. Darcy was full of life and love to the very end. Darcy loved being with me, all… of… the… time! Darcy was a faithful companion and hated being apart.

Darcy was curious, loved adventure, and compassionate, with a fair mix of stubbornness. Darcy was very social, loving people, other dogs and, for the most part, patient with kids. And people, dogs and kids loved her.

Darcy loved the water, but hated baths. Darcy loved car rides on warm days, but hated having to ride in the back seat. Darcy loved snuggling on cold nights, but hated being under the covers. Darcy loved going for walks at the state park, but hated being on a leash. Darcy loved me and I loved her.

I feel privileged that God would entrust a dog as wonderful as Darcy to my care. Darcy will forever live in the hearts of those she’s touched, I know she will forever live in mine.

Rest in peace my sweet Darcy, rest in peace.
Scott ShowenFrankton, IndianaMarch 27, 2017
2/14/2001 - 3/24/2017Today a piece of our hearts is missing as we have lost our sweet Skyler. All dogs are special but Skyler was different from most. Born on Valentine's Day, he was meant to be a lover and boy was he. Ever since the day sixteen years ago that he came into our lives, Skyler has been a joyful loving companion to our family. He was always the first to greet you at the door with his happy bark and spin. No matter what kind of day you were having you could always count on him to cheer you up. If something was wrong or you were sick he was sure to stay right by your side until all was well again. Skyler loved his daily walks where he would always make friends both two and four legged. He never met a stranger and he had a gentle spirit about him that just seemed to be loved by all. It is hard to imagine what life will be like without our beloved Skyler and not a single day will go by that we won't miss him but we will take comfort in knowing that one day he will greet us on the other side just as he did here, with that same happy bark and spin. We love you Skyler and thank you for letting us be your family.Robin LeschNew Port Richey, FloridaMarch 26, 2017
Ulysses (ulee)
7/31/2014 - 3/23/2017Ulee, my sweet bear, I love you so much. I put your birthday down as the day we adopted you, because that was day your life was given a new chance. Your presence is our lives was as precious as it was unexpected. I never expected to find you in our home or in my heart, but once you found your way in, it was the sweetest gift.

I miss you so much. It was so hard to let you go, but I know we did the right thing. You're not in pain anymore, you're running free and your body can no longer fail you. Remember me, old pal. I can't wait to see you again someday.

I love you forever. <3
Tara MKansas City, KansasMarch 26, 2017
12/26/2001 - 2/27/2017Meko was a very loving Siamese kitty that is very much missed. She would greet me at the door when I got home, sit and talk to me for hours while I worked on the computer, or follow me around and talk about what we were doing. Meko was my favorite furry bowling ball of love who wanted nothing else but to cuddle and be with me where I was. She was the best friend I always wanted. When she was young she fell in love with blankets and aways wanted to curl up under them and sleep. Sometimes you didn't even you know she was on the couch until you heard her little snore. Meko liked treats and could do tricks for them. She could always find the sunniest spot in the whole house and take up every inch of it. I miss coming home to the cat in the window meowing at me as soon as I got close to open the door, snuggling on the couch, watching nature shows that would excite her, and walking around outside so she got a better view of the birds. I love Meko and she will always be in my heart.Emily SilvermanRaleigh, North CarolinaMarch 25, 2017
2/22/2005 - 3/24/2017We will always love our big guy Troy - truly a gentle giant. We were blessed to have him through his 12th birthday. He'll be in our hearts forever.

Love, Mom and Dad
Lydia MenzelRaleigh, North CarolinaMarch 24, 2017
Ellie Mae
10/7/2006 - 3/16/2017I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who offered condolences on our loss of Ellie Mae last Thursday. For those of you who have truly loved a dog, I’m sure that you can appreciate how hard it has been on Laura and me, and has been especially difficult on all of us over the last couple of weeks while she was so frail.

As painful as Thursday was for us, I have to give the highest praise to the folks at Lap of Love Veterinarians in Fairfax. Dr. Beth Meadow came to our house to help Ellie through her transition, and she could not have been more caring, respectful, and sympathetic. She treated Ellie like a good friend, and was so gentle in everything she did. After the doctor left, we found that she had left behind for us a plaster cast of Ellie’s paw, and a small clear container with a bit of Ellie’s fur in it from where she had to shave a small patch on her leg. Ellie’s passing was very peaceful, and, as strange as it may sound, also beautiful.

Another great amount of gratitude goes to the people at Sunset Pet Services in Alexandria who sent a young man named Junior to our house to take Ellie away for cremation. I helped Junior prepare her for her last car ride, and he treated her with a tremendous amount of respect and dignity, as if she were a queen. I stopped by their office the next morning, and brought her home.

Earlier that week, Ellie and I were sitting in the front yard, and a feather from nowhere floated down in between us. I happened to read the next day that a feather floating by is a sign of your guardian angel being present. Friday morning, as Laura was sitting at her dressing table, another feather floated by outside of her window. It gives us great comfort to know that someone is continuing to watch over her, and us.

We have wonderful memories of Ellie, and there are constant reminders of her life with us all around the house, and we still think we hear her on occasion. We all have been living in our walk-out basement to help her on her trips outside, and I bought a warm-mist room humidifier to make the environment more comfortable. I now find myself staring at that wispy whirling mist gently floating in the air just feet away from where she spent her last hours. I find it comforting and somehow reassuring.
Ellie was 10-1/2 years old, which is beyond the average lifespan for bloodhounds, and I can tell you that she had a life full of love and attention. I could go on and on, but I just want to be sure to thank everyone for their kind words.

--Laura & Allen
Allen McBrideWoodbridge, VirginiaMarch 24, 2017
10/1/2001 - 3/13/2017I so enjoyed my baby girl, Pebbles. We shared 15 good years of each other's love. She'll forever be in my heart.Hollywood, FloridaMarch 24, 2017
Bella Bear (princessa) Stink Wink
5/15/2010 - 3/21/2017Bella was full of love and energy! She was such a stoic girl given all her medical history!Her smile, tail wag, loving to dance with her mama and eat with her daddy! Letting you go in peace was the most selfless thing I have ever done. I didn't want to let you go ever! were tired my princess and in pain. It took all of me to be able to give you what you deserved! You will always always be my baby girl, my pretty princess, my stink wink and you know mommy loves you like a chicken wing;) thank you for all the love you brought to our lives! Rest now sweet child of mine!Keri RodriguezHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaMarch 24, 2017
2/3/2008 - 3/19/2017A piece of my heart is missing today. After an emotional roller coaster ride, we had to make the most difficult decision ever and let Yadi cross the rainbow bridge. Our time together was not nearly enough. I am completely numb with pain. He was our baby and went everywhere and did everything with work everyday, vacations and our many crazy adventures. I don't know how I will function without him. The house is eerily quiet. I'm going to miss my little buddy so much, but I am grateful to have been his mom. The joy he brought to our lives is unexplainable. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He has been through so much since December. He has had a great couple of months and enjoyed lots of loving, walks and treats. He fought a hard fight to try to stay here with us. It was so hard because from the outside he looked like a healthy dog and gave us little signs of hope here and there (even on our nice walk this morning) but the tumor caused a lot of damage to his upper airway and it was starting to be too much effort for him to breathe and eat. We decided we would rather let him go too soon than to have him suffocate. We couldn't live with ourselves if we let that happen. Instead, he went peacefully in the comfort of his own home, in my arms, and I was with him until the end. I didn't think it was possible to cry this much, and I wonder if it the tears will ever stop. Rest easy my sweet handsome boy. Mommy and daddy love you and will miss you so much.Jennifer ToebeSt. Louis, MissouriMarch 23, 2017