Pet Memorials
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10/29/2002 - 5/10/2019Our sweet BUSTER ( Yoga Dog)

We were not ready to say goodbye, but as with every one of God’s creatures, you let us know you were ready for a well deserved life without pain and confusion. We are missing you so much!! What a gift you have been. From the moment you arrived, life revolved around you and your Sister, Mena. You gave us and the kids a life full of adventures and laughter and now, we will cherish those memories, photos and videos, until we all meet again. Until then, our little Warrior, we love you with all our hearts!!!

Kip, Marta, Sara and Clifton
Marta LewisMiddleburg, FloridaMay 12, 2019
4/20/2008 - 4/20/2019Cherish, my love, I will miss you until the day we get to meet again. I know you are no longer in pain and I am so thankful that we were able to have nearly 11 amazing years together. We were one hell of a team and I know you are watching over me, David and Goose now. Rest in peace my angel.Kristie MosesOrlando, FloridaMay 12, 2019
1/19/2002 - 5/10/2019Yesterday, we said goodbye to our beautiful Abisko "Abi" Carr. For more than 17 years, I could come home knowing that Mr. Abi would be ready for a cuddle and a belly rub. Mr. Abi was just a sweetheart; while his brother Keb was clever and grumpy, Abi was a gentle, good-natured little guy. And so gorgeous -- beautiful tabby markings, reddish belly, stunning green eyes. When he curled up to sleep, he looked like a cinnamon bun. When Keb passed away in 2016, we feared that Abi would soon follow. And although he did develop the same conditions of feline aging that his brother did, he surprised us all and lived for 2.5 more years! He relished being an only cat and getting all of our attention and love. He became a demanding sort as he got older and always had a lot to say. So the house today is sadly quiet. We will never forget him.Lisa CarrDallas, TexasMay 11, 2019
9/1/2007Max will always be the best dog we ever had. He loved all the Grandkids and let them sit on him since he was so big. Shepherds are extremely smart. We miss him dearly!Joyce BaudendistelDayton, OhioMay 11, 2019
12/1/2006 - 5/10/2019Our sweet Gipper was ready but we were not. We would never be ready for being without our loving and handsome boy. The day was coming, we knew, after he was diagnosed with hemangio sarcoma back in January 2019. We prayed for whatever ‘quality of life’ time that we could get with him and we were blessed with 3 months of relatively good days. Dedicating his days to doing everything he loved and experiencing the life he enjoyed for 12 1/2 years was hopefully our final gift to him. Saying goodbye was the toughest thing we’ve ever had to do but were lovingly guided by Dr. Toby from Lap of Love. Our at home experience in saying goodbye was everything we could have asked for in giving Gipper a calm and peaceful sendoff. HIs life was well lived and he gave us more love and loyalty than could ever have been imagined. There is nothing greater than a dog’s love and for that, we will be forever grateful that he chose us to share his life with. Gipper was our constant companion in everything that we did and we miss him beyond words. His life is free of pain and suffering now and we know that he is running playfully and happily on the other side of that rainbow bridge until our reunion again someday. The love and joy he brought to our lives far outweighs the pain we feel now. We wouldn’t have missed it for the world and will forever hold him in whatever is left of our hearts that he didn’t take with him when he passed. Heaven gained a special angel. We love you forever, Gip! Scramble one good buddy.Denise DitsworthLas Vegas, NevadaMay 11, 2019
2/14/2002 - 5/12/2019Sweet girl taught me so much about life and love over 17 years. Her eyes told me all day today that she's ready to sleep and end the challenges that severe heart murmer and kidney failure have brought. Will miss my ever eager shadow.

Grateful that Lap of Love is here for us a second time in about 2 years.
Georgia Dabinettdurham, North CarolinaMay 11, 2019
08/01/2005 - 5/8/2019Boo Bear I miss you so much. You were my heart. I will find you again baby girl.daniela boothDelray Beach, FloridaMay 11, 2019
1/1/2004 - 5/8/2019Girly, I will love you always and never forget you. You were a brave and loving sole.Jonathan ChenkinFreeport, NYMay 10, 2019
1/17/2008 - 5/9/2019Our dear Jonah,
We were not ready for you to become a memory but Heaven was ready to give you your wings. It is impossible to put into a few words just what you meant to us and what you have given to our family for 11 years. It seems like yesterday I brought you home , 8 weeks old. I stayed up all night and watched “The Lion King” with you so you would not cry.
Your eyes were always filled with such beauty and love.. I could look at your sweet face and feel peace and comfort. I called you my big, brave strong boy after you overcame a life threatening surgery.. You were not ready to leave then.. I think you knew we needed you... We need you now but we know you were ready to run free from the pain and suffering... You deserved it.
We will forever be grateful to your breeders The DeBragancas for bringing you into the world and into our lives and for Dr Amanda Inman with Lap of Love for giving you the most peaceful send off to your Heavenly home. As gut wrenching as it was we could not have asked for a more beautiful way to allow you to leave this world and gain your wings. I wish more than anything we could have had more time but one things for sure... Heaven is more beautiful now that you are in it... Run free sweet boy.. We will love you forever... I hope there are turtles in Heaven....
Jan McKameyTrenton, FloridaMay 10, 2019
Mister Butter
7/4/2007 - 5/9/2019He was so sweet and so loving. I'm so very lucky to have known such a precious being and experience that kind of love. I will love you always my baby boy and miss you Mister butterJames FoleyHyde Park, MassachusettsMay 10, 2019