Pet Memorials
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5/20/2006 - 5/1/2017Tessa ,Thank you for taking care and loving us, thanks for the walks and talks. Your the best dog ever, missing and loving you ! Enjoy your new friends till we meet again.mike tarketsterling heights, MichiganJune 29, 2017
10/1/2014 - 5/17/2017Wembley was the most loving, caring, beautiful dog. I don't like referring to him as a dog because he was like a child. The center of my life when no one else was there. He had a tough 2 years suffering from an abusive person. For the remainder of his life, he had constant, unconditional love. He never left my side when I was home. He was always in my lap or "spooning" while we slept in our bed. He was spoiled rotten and I loved it! Everyone in the neighborhood loved him. He was my best friend. I feel like my heart and soul have been torn out after losing him. Wembley, I love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't cry because I miss you so much. I have to reassure myself that you are free now. Free of pain, confusion and anxiety. You gave us almost 14 years of unconditional love. Thank you, Wembley. There will never be another like you. I wish to see you in my dreams and never forget all the memories I have of you. I know I will see you again, booger bear. Until then, just know that Mommy loves and misses you so much!Melanie SantanaNashville, TennesseeJune 29, 2017
6/1/2000 - 6/26/2017Twinkie was my friend and companion for nearly eighteen years. It was clear that she no longer had a good quality of life.Jackie WhiteCovina, CaliforniaJune 28, 2017
07/07/2001 - 6/26/2017Where do I begin My sweet Onyx went to be with Jesus on Monday 06/26/17 that was the toughest day in my whole life. Onyx was a one of a kind kitty. She always greeting me when I arrived back home. Slept with me every night and loved me like no one ever has. She would know when I was upset and would sit on my lap given me sugars. She was 16 yrs old and I was bless to have her for 14 yrs. My life will never be the same without you in it. I will always think of you everyday until we meet again one day.
RIP my sweet girl. Love you forever. Your Mama
Tere McCollumEloy, ArizonaJune 28, 2017
8/15/2001 - 6/19/2017Dearest Crystalbell,
I can't thank you enough for being my best friend for nearly 16 years. As an only child, you were a huge part of of my life; I got you when I was just 5 years old and throughout all the stages of my life so far you have been there to comfort me. Even though you couldn't speak (but meowed right on cue), I know that you always knew what I was saying or how I was feeling. It may sound silly but you were like my daughter, I carried you all around the house and when I put you down you were at my feet no matter where I went. Every time I had to drop you off at the vet to get shaved or something else I would sit in my car and cry because I felt so bad leaving you there without me. You brought so much joy to so many people because everyone could see how truly special you were. I've missed you everyday since you left us and all I can hope for is that I get to see you again one day. Please continue to visit me in my dreams. I love you forever I'll always be your mama my sweet doll face baby. xox -Brookie
Brooke OylerSimi Valley, CaliforniaJune 28, 2017
Cleo Kitty
8/22/2006 - 6/23/2017cleo kitty was a brown cat, not an ordinary black cat , she had green golden eyes and a great big heart full of agape love.... she was hershey chocolate bar brown and just as sweet, she gave away all of the agape she had only to be filled up with more to give away to any one in need....this was a little tune I sung to her over the last three month of her life.....

my favorite memory of her... cleo kitty....while sitting next to me she used to look back up at me with the most adoring eyes full of love like I was the most important person n the world.... and reach up with her paw to pat hug me... it was soooooo unique as i have had cats on and off my whole life. cleo kitty leaves a huge hole in my is especially shaped to her.... i will never forget my little friend... she was/is the best... i look forward to seeing her again in the next life...surely she is waiting for me....
p hmkinney, TexasJune 28, 2017
1/15/2002 - 3/20/2017Missing my best buddy every day. No one will ever take his place.Geri WagnerBlossvale, NYJune 28, 2017
Cookie-su Hilden
8/11/2008 - 5/4/2017COOKIE, It's almost two months since you were rushed to the pet ER by your second Moma Liz. She called to tell me something was wrong, and she needed to know if she had permission to take you in. I rushed to get to your side in the middle of the night. Lynda's husband Jim, was kind enough to accompany me. When we arrived we still had to wait almost another hour to see you. When they called us in we ran to see you in a bottom open enclosure with two IVs in both front legs. I laid on the floor so you could see me. I hugged you and told you how much I loved you and your little Nub tail wagged. I told you to sleep and rest and I would return in the morning. Morning came, and Liz was with you until we could all get to you. We all thank you Liz for your love and devotion to Cookie. Cookie was clearly in pain with labored breathing and paralyzed. I arranged to put you down Cookie, out of Pure Love for You. A CALCIFIED DISC IN YOUR NECK PUTTING PRESSURE ON A NERVE OR SPINAL CORD THAT MAY HAVE CAUSED A STROKE. We were all there with you, your Mommy, your 2nd Moma Liz, and Albert and Christopher to help you over the Rainbow Bridge. We all held you with Wonderful Hugs and Love. I made arrangements for cremation for your remains to come back home. OUR LOVE IS FOREVER FOR YOU COOKIE. WE HAVE BEEN TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE YOU IN OUR LIVES, FAMILY AND IN OUR HEARTS. YOU ARE & WILL BE TRULY MISSEDROSEMARY HILDENCARSON, CaliforniaJune 28, 2017
11/15/1995 - 4/20/2010Today we said "goodbye" to our dog.
We sent him to Heaven, to be an Angel.
To some...he's just a dog, to others Man's Best Friend.
I don't know about that, but to this man, he was my Best Friend!
He always looked up when you called his name "DANCER!"
He seldom complained...unless you said "bath!", loved life and barked at squirrels.
His departure has left a hole in my heart and he will be missed, everyday until we join him in Heaven.
"God, thanks for such a wonderful gift.
I hope in heaven, you will enjoy him as much as we did on Earth."
"Please bless him...and keep him by your side.
Marc ArbonSan Antonio, TexasJune 28, 2017
12/25/2009 - 2/28/2017It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.

If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.

Oliver, within these past 7 years, you haven’t taken a piece of my heart, you’ve taken my whole heart. I feel eternally grateful to have been your human and I can’t thank you enough for all of the love, joy and happiness you have brought to my life. I know that Samson is waiting for you up there across the Rainbow Bridge. Send him my love and enjoy your next life, with Sam and without pain.

I will miss you for all the days of my life. RIP my sweet angel bear, I love you forever.
Cristina RomanoSomers, NYJune 28, 2017