Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
3/20/2017Our buddy Cabo was with us for 16 plus years, he was family and we only could ask for the best for him in all situations. He was getting very weak and couldn't keep his balance anymore. We syringe water and hand fed him for three months. When it came to letting him go to his next adventure i couldn't have done it without Dr. Anne, she was compassionate and kind and very patient with us . It was a beautiful day, out under our tree. Cabo spent time there with us, then walked right up to Dr. Anne and spent a few moments greeting her then came back to me with approval i guess. He passed quietly and peacefully in his own yard. I would have paid triple the cost for this opportunity to have him rest in peace in his home. My heart hurts for those little feet to track across our house, but i have no regrets. Thank you for making that day bearable . I will always be grateful .Joyce WolanOrlando, FloridaMarch 30, 2017
2/8/2005 - 3/29/2017Cali was such a wonderful pet, always there for us protecting and loving us completely. Whether it be lying across my feet, being my shadow, meeting me at the door when I'd get home or waiting patiently on the landing while I showered, I knew I could always count on her love. Whenever I was in a different part of the house than my wife, Cali would choose a spot between the two of us to make sure she was able to protect us both. While she was feisty with strangers, she was extremely loving and loyal to family and friends and ever patient with the grand kids. Cali, you will be sorely missed, but now you're no longer in pain. Have fun playing with Dalton and Shep!!Tom ParadowskiDepew, NYMarch 30, 2017
7/15/2003 - 3/29/2017Sad day today in the loss of my buddy Boomer. This beautiful little guy came into our lives and almost immediately claimed me as his very own and wasn't real excited about having to share me with anyone. He did finally yield to Liesyl's affection and appreciated her Love and her lap very much. (Who wouldn't huh?)
I'm going to miss this little guy and it's just not going to be the same around here for a while. Thank you Boomer for 14 years of Love and affection and may you Rest In Peace.

Special thanks to a company called "Lap of Love", who made it possible for Boomer to pass in the comfort of his own home and the security of his buddies lap.
These people are just fantastic and really made the process a little bit more bearable to go through. Thank you Dr Ashleigh Rhoades for your kind and very compassionate service.
Joe petosaSeattle, WashingtonMarch 30, 2017
2/4/2006 - 3/29/2017Sissy….
My heart aches without you in our life. My beloved girl you may have started out as your daddies dog, but you quickly stole mommies heart.
As a pup you were quite the adventurous escape artist that was always bound to get into mischief. From digging out of the fence to run around the neighborhood and thankfully coming back home waiting on the porch afterwards. We had to fix the fence so you couldn’t sneak out. You loved mommies shoes. Never a matching pair but always one shoe of each set you would destroy and then look at me with those sweet brown eyes like what I didn’t do anything. You also loved to eat daddies remotes. Haha. You have always been quick to sneak human food if someone has left their plate in a reachable spot, especially the kids, with such a guilty look on your face.
I will miss your howling and barking to greet me at the door ever day as I come in from work. I will miss your tail wags and sweet head laying in my lap as I rub behind your ears.
I will miss your eagerness to chase the squirrels, birds, rabbits, snakes, and any other animal out of your yard. That has been your favorite thing to do I believe.
You have been the best watchdog a family could ask for. Barking and growling warning us when someone is near.
Above all else I will love you always. You have been there when me and daddy got married and bought our first home. You were there when we brought Jennilyn home and was amazing with her from the beginning. Then again 5 years later you were wonderful when we brought Alexander home. When we moved you really enjoyed the new yard. My only wish is you could have enjoyed this life a little longer.
Sissy I pray that you are at peace and are now frolicking with Hercules & Waggers in heaven. Even though we do not have you here at home, I do hope to see you again on the other side someday.
Sherri StanleyHighland, IllinoisMarch 30, 2017
Taffy Apple
5/11/2000 - 3/29/2017Taffy,
Even though we had to live apart in most recent years, I still feel your absence all around me. My heart hurts so much knowing you're gone. I'll never again feel the way you laid on my stomach on weekend mornings in my bed. I'll never hear you swatting things off counters with your adorable little paws. I'll never feel you curl up against me undernearth the warm covers and purr. I'll never have the privilege of you spreading yourself across my lap on my sweatpants and watching tv with me. For all these things, I am so, so, so sad, Taffy. You looked at me and understood me, at all the stages of my life-- from carefree little girlhood to troublesome teenage years to adulthood worries. You were with me through break-ups and first loves and mean girls and best friends. You were my best friend, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for you.

Can you please give me some signs that you're still around? I'll be watching and looking for you.

Thank you for being so amazing to me. Thank you for all the calm and stability and companionship you brought to my life. I'm going to have a hard time without you here. But I look forward to the day that we can meet again. There would be no heaven for me without you in it. I hope Manfred is taking good care of you up there, as he always did. I know the two of you are having fun together.

I love you forever Taffy.
Missing you terribly,
Your Anna
Anna WeinsteinWilmette, IllinoisMarch 30, 2017
10/29/2007 - 3/26/2017Tanner AKA Lover, Tan Man, Boo, BooBear, most of all my best buddy, partner,constant companion, protector, champion, and one of the greatest loves of my life. I have had many 4 legged babies, Tanner by far, was the most special. If he ever did anything that resembled pet behavior, we all were shocked. He was a 4 legged person that was loved by anyone who ever knew him. He was a special soul, my soulmate, and a very old soul. Being able to love, and to be loved by him, for almost 10 years is a privilege I am so grateful to have had. It has been just he and I, as my daughter, son in law, and grandchildren, live in Las Vegas. I miss him so much, but know that it was not fair for me to keep him here. Quality of life is so very important to me, and he could no longer do the things that he loved most. Now he can run jump and play once again, free of any pain or discomfort. Forever in my heart, rest easy, sleep, my sweet boy. Mommy loves you so much, forever, you will never be forgotten.Patti BernardNashville, TennesseeMarch 29, 2017
2/17/2006 - 3/21/2017To My Dearest RINGA,
I rescued you from the streets of the Bronx in NY right before a major Snow and Ice Storm in February of 2007. You also rescued me from sadness of the loss of my first child. We helped each other mend. You filled my heart with love and affection. We were so much alike. I thought you were perfect - those beautiful green eyes and little pink nose. Almost hard to resist.
I am so glad we had you for the past 11 years. I don't understand why GOD has called you home but I imagine you are in heaven now playing with Molly. Please know that you are soooooo missed!
I can't believe how Cancer took you in just 4 weeks. And I'm devastated that you had to go. I did not want you suffer at all. Seeing you in pain for just a minute broke my heart. I hope you took solace in Jordan's arms as you peacefully went to sleep. I couldn't have imagined a more peaceful departure than being at home with little Jordan and I.
I will miss how you always tip toed around just softly enough to keep us guessing - "Where are you RINGA?" I love how you snuggled up with us at night in the bed. You and Jordan leaving me no room to lay my head. I love how you came to munch on food every night around 4am so I knew you were always with me. I will miss how you stayed by my side whenever I was sick or just needed company.
My prayer is that we will meet again someday so we can hug each other on that day. You are 'Angel who has taken her Wings'. Never forgotten and always remembered everyday!
R.I.P. my 'Sweet Kitty' (RINGA BINGA).....Tues. March 21, 2017 (Btw. 6p-7p)
Joi Isley-CollinsHartsdale, NYMarch 29, 2017
3/16/2008 - 3/23/2017It's hard for me to write this memorial to my beloved Cody. I can't even begin to say what a wonderful dog he was. We got him the week after we lost our first Boston Terrier to cancer. Cody was only 3 and from another Boston Terrier rescue. He was big for a Boston; 35 pounds of muscle and love. He came from a backyard breeder and everything was new to him and everything scared him. He soon loved to go on car rides, vacation in the RV, and eat nearly anything. He was my boy and was the happiest laying across my lap.

At the end of February we noticed he was having a problem with his legs and took him to the vet. They did extensive tests and x-rays and found nothing wrong. But in a month's time he deteriorated until he could no longer stand or walk and it was apparent that he had a brain tumor as he would flinch whenever I came near his head.

Making the decision to put him to sleep was a nightmare but we had to do it as I couldn't stand to let him suffer anymore. We wanted him to take his final breath at home and so we called Lap Of Love and Dr. Jessica came to our house. We played soft music as Dr. Jessica gave Cody a shot to calm him down. Cody fell asleep in my arms and I held him as he snored. It was good to hold him one last time. After Dr. Jessica injected him and he passed away, she very gently wrapped him in a soft blanket and took him away. This was around 9:30 at night.

It has been a tough week so far. I look for him on the bed and reach for him in the middle of the night but my little buddy is gone. He will be missed so much by our family. He was the best and sweetest dog I have ever known.

Rest in peace my sweet boy. You are forever in my heart.
Eileen TaylorOjai, CaliforniaMarch 29, 2017
02/23/2017This is dedicated to a very special kitty named Jojo. About 16 years ago he showed up as a little stray kitten near his soon to be forever-Mom’s home & destiny brought them together. He turned out to be the sweetest kitty and initially was named Neo but later Jojo just seemed to be the right fit for his name. As a little kitten he loved to snack on toast but his Mom later discovered it was because of the butter! He was always a butter lover and when he heard the clinking of the butter dish he would come running for a little treat >^..^<. Jojo lived a full life of love with his Mom and his brother Tyler. When it came time to say goodbye to sweet Jojo his Mom held him in her arms and he transitioned peacefully across the Rainbow Bridge. Bless you Jojo, rest in peace and know you will always be remembered and will forever be in your Mom’s heart <3Kristi GallegosCosta Mesa, CaliforniaMarch 28, 2017
Grace Marie
7/8/2006 - 3/21/2016It has been 1 Year and 1 week since we had to lay Grace to rest. I haven't been able to write this for a long time, and even now it is hard. I had Grace for a best friend for a long time, most of my growing up in fact. We never knew her birthday or exactly how old she was, and we later found out she responded better to Spanish than english. Dad brought her home for mom, but everyone always says she picked me. She was my Best Friend and I'll always love her.Elizabeth HoffmannOrlando, FloridaMarch 28, 2017