Pet Memorials
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2/9/2002 - 5/5/2017Aloha Ka Ko our Deva Girl, you brought more love to our family than you'll ever know.Laurie Jo RogersWaikoloa, HawaiiJune 28, 2017
04/22/2006 - 05/22/2017Wendy....we will love you forever! Still having trouble getting through each day without you. I still look around the house and want to see you. I try to think of all the good times we had. You were such a lovable dog. You never held grudges when we worked and left you alone. You accepted it and were happy when we got home. RIP to Wendy. We love you!Sharon MillerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJune 27, 2017
3/19/2003 - 6/5/2017Sunny-(Bunny-Rabbit), you will be forever in our hearts and also all those who came to know you.Donna and Keith KaufmanSaint James, NYJune 27, 2017
9/20/2003 - 6/25/2017I will miss my Angel Girl and I will always feel her beside me.
Angel made me a better person.
Greer WilliamsEl Cajon, CaliforniaJune 27, 2017
Sapphire carello
12/7/2005 - 6/21/2017A Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at our home in the Rosemont Area of Sacramento, California, outdoors at curbside in front of the floral bed for My Beloved Sapphire and My Beloved Tango Wango who became a social media Star when he mysteriously disappeared on, Tuesday, March 28, 2017 early in the morning. Tango Wango's loving Mother Sapphire was a beautiful Lilac Point Siamese. Dr. Sue Mowatt, DVM , was a compassionate and kind Hospice Vet, who helped Sapphire cross over the Rainbow Bridge, at her loving home, Wednesday, June 21, 2017 in the morning.
Tango Wango was not sick, injured and/or in pain when he left home on his own terms. Tango Wango did not want to die of old age according to Paula Bowden, a respected Animal Communicator/Pet Physic/Astrologist, from El Dorado Hills, California, when I met with her at my home on Thursday, June 15, 2017. Paula took me to the location where Tango Wango curled up and went to sleep and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, on Wednesday, April 13, 2017, not too far from his loving home.
I was Blessed to have seen Tango Wango's Spirit on Friday, May 19, 2017, early in the evening and it was near the exact same site where the Pet Physic took me. The area is surrounded by beautiful tall Cat Tails and pretty pink flowers.
Visit Tango Tango Wango Carello Facebook for more photos and videos taken on 6/24/2017, 6/20/2017, and a Live Feed on 5/19/2017.
Nola Joy CarelloSacramento, CaliforniaJune 27, 2017
Mary Jane
2/24/2007 - 6/12/2017Devastated doesn't begin to describe how I feel without my sweet boxer Mary Jane. There are simply no words. There will forever be a paw sized hole in my heart that only she could fill. I have never had such a protective, devoted, loyal, & loving companion. My childrens "4 legged mommy" as she was lovingly referred to by her human sister Faith. Absolutely no question she is seated at the throne of God!!! I was blessed to be loved so deeply by another living creature. I miss her so much!!!!!
Melody (her human mommy)
Melody McCallieChapin, S. CarolinaJune 27, 2017
12/24/2001 - 5/18/2017My sweet Daisy was my whole world. Everything I did revolved around her. I've lived alone for many years & she was my best friend. She loved road trips & sticking her head out the window while I was holding her. She would fall asleep in my arms. There is not enough words to say how much I love her & how I miss her every minute of my life. i will never be the same. i'm lost without her,Beverly ClineKISSIMMEE, FloridaJune 26, 2017
Ti Ti
07/17/1998 - 6/11/2017Dear, sweet, crabby sissy-witch,
How can I ever put down in words how much you mean to me? To say you were my spirit animal is an understatement. I have so many words for you, Ti; so many things in my mind and my heart that I will speak into the wind now that you're no longer here. Poppy says the love is eternal, and of course he is right. Still, I wish you were here with me. Thank you for taking care of my heart more than I could ever take care of you. Thank you for 18 years of unconditional love.
Your Popples and your Googer continue to miss your disdain. Secretly, and also outwardly, they know you loved them. Those gentle head kisses were everything to them. Thank you for loving them.
It's so hard to adjust to being without you. The canyon is empty, and there's no one to usher me to bend, no buzzard-ry before meals, no bone biting, no craw, no baggages. None-dle.
We are eternally grateful for everything you gave to us --- the language, the laughter, the catitude, the love.
I know you went back to the light from whence you came. My heart will always miss you, Dolly. Rest In Peace, my baby. I love you.
Bridget BorlakBridgeton, New JerseyJune 26, 2017
1/1/2008 - 6/25/2017Tyson, T-Row, We miss you so dearly and it has only been a short amount of time. We will miss you so much. You are no longer sick or in pain. You are now probably running around with your siblings up there so tell them we miss them too! We no longer get to walk around the corner in the kitchen to see you intently staring at us wagging that big tail or to hear that big thud when you would wag that big tail. That is okay we wanted you to be happy and no longer in pain. I am the daughter of the family, Tyson was my first dog in my eyes. Tyson was the sweetest dog ever he would always go along with my shenanigans when I was younger which meant letting me paint his toenails, to letting me teach him how to play hide and seek. I share so many fond memories with Tyson just like the whole family does. All in all Tyson was the best dog ever for our family. He made a lasting impression on everyone he met. I cannot say enough how much we miss you. Especially your special buddy Luke since he wasn't able to be around but he said you should keep your spot on the love seat warm for when he gets to see you again. Tyson, thank you for being my first best friend and we all thank you for being the best boy we could ever ask for!! We will see you again and everyone else after we are done with all of our journeys here!! Rest easy handsome.Savannah MartinezLakewood, ColoradoJune 26, 2017
Raven Shasha Giggle Strobush The First, One And Only
7/1/2005 - 6/17/2017Precious girl, how I miss your happy smile, wagging "thumpy" tail, sweet and loving heart, and fierce spirit. The latter was ultimately your undoing, but you will be reborn into circumstances that permit full range and appropriate exercise of your strong desire to protect those you love.
All of your human and canine friends miss you. The things that were yours are all around, evoking your presence, inspiring pain and joy.
With gratitude I say, "Well done dear friend. Thank you for being part of my life."
So long as I live, you cannot truly die.
Gertrude MoellerMemphis, TennesseeJune 26, 2017