Pet Memorials
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8/21/2007 - 5/8/2019I said goodbye to my very best friend today. Hardest goodbye of my life. Sadie was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer, cutaneous multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer). She went from her normal spunky self, walking a few miles a day with me to becoming devastatingly ill overnight. The cancer took her out in seven weeks. She was 11-years-old.

Sadie gave me the best 11 years she possibly could. From the time she was a puppy, she taught me valuable lessons about life and brought me immeasurable joy. Life is better with dog hair, get messy, live in the moment, break the rules a little, and love unconditionally. Sadie was exuberant about life and what a gift it was to share it with her. She wagged her tail vigorously any time she saw someone step out of their parked car, anticipating they were coming to visit her. She chased rabbits and geese and howled at squirrels. Her finest moments were when she scarfed down inconspicuous snacks she found along the sidewalk or in the bushes. Sadie hid her bones only to find them minutes later and hide them again. She loved to snuggle and kiss the tip of my nose. I loved that too. She was such a sweet, fun girl who made each day better and brighter. Sadie lived in five cities with me, introducing me to new friends and new adventures. She was by my side for all of it, especially life’s biggest challenges. We made a great team. I will love her forever, miss her immensely, and remember her fondly. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” - Winnie the Pooh
Erin HykenFort Worth, TexasMay 10, 2019
1/11/2004 - 5/8/2019Miss Jessie, lover of shoes, adventures, and chocolate cake when I left it too close to the counter edge. I will miss you sweet Dober-girl.Pamela DeanSpringhill, FloridaMay 10, 2019
11/2/2002 - 5/7/2019My sweet girl- where do I begin? A lifetime with you still wouldn't have been enough. I barely remember what it was like before you & and am broken thinking about a life without you. Knowing the impossibility, I somehow thought you'd live forever. No matter what went wrong in my life, or how defeated I felt, or how many times my heart got broken, I had you to come home to. you made everything right. and now everything feels so wrong without you here.
But make no mistake, knowing that after all birth comes death, I wouldn't trade our years together for anything in the world..even if I have to experience the pain of losing you. We have that "no matter what" kind of love. That love didn't die in your passing. It's still there because what we've always had can't be taken way, not even by death.
you were the BEST girl in the whole world, there's never been nor will be another dog as perfect as you. You were so loyal and devoted to me. To us. And that love that you gave me will live on in me and it will touch every single person I meet until my dying day. And when that day comes my sweet girl, I'll meet you there. But until then, I'll see you in every sunny day.
Thank you for devoting your life to loving me. I will love you until the end of time.
Rebecca Glynne BlackwellNashville, TennesseeMay 10, 2019
8/10/2007 - 5/7/2019Fang (aka) Fangetta
You were the reason I came home. You knew my sadness and you were my happiness! You were my fresh, sassy girl and my black pearl. You were my heart.. I can only hope you are waiting for me with daddy. Snowfall will never be the same for me - you would eat it as you walked! How you loved it! I especially miss your freshness. Hollering at me for attention and loving. I will always love and now miss you, baby girl!
Donna ApplegateToms River, New JerseyMay 10, 2019
7/13/2006 - 5/7/2019Bullitt Mcqueen Behner
Bullitt was by far the best dog we ever had. He was Very gentle and loving. He fought thyroid cancer for three years, but you would never know anything was wrong with him except for the lump in his throat. Six months ago he dislocated his hip and we didn't think he would make it through surgery but he did. He continued to run the yard every day. On May 7, we knew Bullitt was tired and it was time to ease his pain. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do as our last two dogs passed on their own. He passed very peacefully. We know he is in a better place now, waiting to reunite with us.

We Love You Bullitt and miss you very much. Sasha and Parker miss you also! Every morning Parker looks for the treats you would leave behind.

Until we meet again bud.................
Darlene BehnerBaltimore, MarylandMay 10, 2019
6/19/2019 - 5/6/2019You were my sweet little companion and I miss you so much. I hope you are somewhere playing with other kitties who will appreciate your kind nature and loving spirit. I was so blessed to have you for so many years. I hope you had a wonderful life as my kitty.Ronni WeissPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMay 9, 2019
2/1/2008 - 4/24/2019My beloved friend and midnight snack buddy for over ten years. You were so kind and gentle, a true gift sent down from Heaven. We are truly heart broken without you but we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge someday.Mike and Leslie HardyPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMay 9, 2019
8/1/2019 - 5/8/2019Cognac was one of a kind. He was a 3 wk old rescue. He was part pitt and part rottie. Cognac was a loner. He had a brother and a sister who he rarely interacted with. He never cared that they lived in the house as long as he was not bothered he was happy. He was my cuddle bubby. He loved chasing sticks and loved laying in the sun. He never required much for him to be happy. I loved him to death. He went thru two major surgeries and was a real trooper. I loved him so much and he had a great life in my home. U always made me smile and I’m so happy u were able to share your 12 years on this earth with me. U will be forever in my heart and gone but never forgotten. Run free cognac and be happy where ever u may be. 🥰🥰😍😍❤️❤️🌈🌈Cathy LeightSouthfield, MichiganMay 9, 2019
5/4/2002 - 05/05/2019In loving memory of Serena the pup, who reached the ripe old age of 17 (92 y/o in human years) . She was a survivor and a loving, loyal family pet . She was there through our two daughters entire school experience from kindergarten through college. She 'supported' her mom during cancer treatment by always staying beside the bed. Many times she patiently played 'dress up' with her sisters, went on many happy greenway walks in all kinds of weather & protected the family with some zeal. Though never proven, we know she ate the star off the decorated Xmas tree cake one year while it was cooling outside! (It was done so neatly it appeared done with a knife without a crumb or frosting trace left behind.) Alas, as the years took their toll she never whined but soldiered on until mobility and other issues were getting the best of her. She left comfortably, having celebrated her last birthday with three days of custom-baked doggy cookies, other treats and lots of loving. She leaves many happy memories from her long life and will never be forgotten. RIP, Serena.Ron SherwoodCary, North CarolinaMay 9, 2019
05/01/2007 - 05/07/2019Sweet Nico - we will cherish your presence in our lives forever. You were filled with an unconditional love, unfaltering loyalty, and a vibrant personality that sparked joy in each of our hearts. The home will never be the same without you. But, we are all so thankful that we could share these past 12 years with you and experience the world through your eyes.

We'll miss you forever, sweet boy. You were truly the best dog ever.
Orlando, FloridaMay 9, 2019