Pet Memorials
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7/10/2006 - 3/11/2019Dear Rani,

I wish you were here my Jaan, so I can tell you how much I love you. My heart hurts and I don't know how to make it go away. I don't know how to live without you, but I know you are in doggy heaven looking down at mommy. I am sorry you were in pain but now you are free my love. I know Nanu was there waiting for his big sister. It makes me happy when I think about you two running around and playing. I'm glad you have each other.
I remember that special day when I brought you home. You were a tiny 3lb. fluff ball. You made everyone's life so much better. Your love and affection was something that we will all miss. I wish you were here to jump on me one last time.
BE FREE my angel. I love you so much. Thanks for being the best dog in the world!

Your mommy
Chandni PatelSugar Land, TexasMarch 13, 2019
10/30/2015 - 3/8/2019Winnie was such a special dog. She will be missed for her sweet nature, how much she loved her family and her playfulness side. She was always a puppy....Heather LangdonUpton, MassachusettsMarch 13, 2019
Mr. Peterman
5/8/1999 - 2/22/2019You were a handful, Mr. Peterman but you were also a wonderful head-butting little man. We will always miss you, Petey!Aida MerrillBurbank, CaliforniaMarch 12, 2019
11/28/2004 - 3/9/2019Cody was a very sweet and loving boy. I can never forget the love he had in him.Peggy BakerPinellas Park, FloridaMarch 12, 2019
5/22/2006 - 2/14/2019Goodbye my Buddy,
You were my best friend and I miss you so much.
You were Mommy's Birthday present that I totally stole from her.
I still hear you in the house, and I'm always looking to where your food bowl was.
You made me laugh every single day of your life, and I love you for that.

You loved to open presents (no matter who's they were), you loved to lay on any jacket or shirt that was on the floor and claim them as yours. Your personality grew into a perfect fit with us and with your 2 human brothers.
I'd chase you around the house until I was pooped out, then you'd come over and lick my face.

I hope you're somewhere beautiful now, chasing squirrels, and getting all the treats you want.
I love you so much, and I hope to see you again someday in a better life.
Springfield, PennsylvaniaMarch 12, 2019
10/1/2001 - 2/20/2019Good night sweet Princess. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...Joanne ChristopherWestborough, MassachusettsMarch 12, 2019
6/1/2004 - 3/9/2019Taro Kali Gulley

Words cannot express how sad we are without our Baby. He was a beautiful, complicated, little man. His personality was larger than life and he made our house a home. He loved white albacore tuna, Evian water, and taking up all the room on the living room sofa! I truly believe that there has never been anyone like him and there never will be. We walk around in a house, no longer filled with his larger than life personality. We are going to feel empty for a long time. But we were so blessed and lucky that we knew him, loved him, and in return he loved us so much in return. He will live on in our hearts and minds forever. And no one will ever compare to our beautiful Baby. Please let the Rainbow Bridge poem be true, because I cannot wait to see him and hold him again.
Elizabeth GulleyLexington, KentuckyMarch 12, 2019
Emma Girl
2/25/2002 - 2/26/2019You were my best friend and my first "baby"! You loved me unconditionally and never let me down. Through my hardest days you never left my side. You welcomed 2 more rescues who needed a home and guarded Skylar's door every night after she was born. You taught me that the unlikeliest family additions are usually the best and that no matter what, everything was going to be ok. There will never be another one like will always be my "little em's"!Sara WestrichCincinnati, OhioMarch 12, 2019
05/14/2005 - 03/09/2019Our dearest Kylo - we never really had a pet before you, and you were the best first dog a family could have. You showed us a dog’s unconditional love, patience, and companionship. You came into our lives as most of our kids were growing up and moving out, and you became part of our family immediately. You were always happy to see us, to love us, and to spend time with us. And we loved you back, so much. When your sister Maya joined our family, you showed her the same love and companionship, and having the two of you was the next best thing to having our own kids. Thank you for the wonderful years in which you enriched our lives, brought a different kind of happiness that we never expected, and for always being by our side. It was painful letting you go, but we know you’re up in doggy heaven running freely, with no pain, and lots of chicken - and looking down on us forever. Until we meet again Kylo, we love you.Nancy AgudaSeattle, WashingtonMarch 11, 2019
5/6/2019 - 3/8/2019Farewell my sweet boy. You’ve been with me for almost 13 years! From California to New Jersey. Through marriage and children. You’ve been by my side every step of the way. We’re going to miss you so. 🌹🌹Tameka MillineNorth Brunswick, New JerseyMarch 11, 2019