Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/1/2007 - 5/22/2020Sissy was a calico colored cat who spent the first 11 years of her life living with intense second-hand smoke and developed terrible lung disease and obesity. Her owners no longer wanted her and we rescued her and adopted her. She lived her last 18 months with us. Although we saved her, in return she showered us with love and affection. I have never experienced such affection in an animal. At my side more often than not, curling up with me whenever I laid down for a nap on the couch, and just being a sweet, loving member of the family. In the end her lungs were just giving out and we did what we had to in order to make sure she did not suffer. We greatly thank Lap of Love for helping us through this difficult time.Alan BierDuluth, GeorgiaMay 24, 2020
5/21/2006 - 5/21/2020You were my constant companion for 14 years, Taylor. You were my first dog; I was 56 when you came into my life. The hours we spent walking together... How you loved to walk and chase birds... You were a "dog's dog," Taylor, and would have made a great "kid's dog." Rough and tumble and ready to play, but you were also sweet and loving, always ready to give and receive love. I miss you so much, my Big Girl, and I will think of you always for the rest of my days.Francis ScozzariNorcross, GeorgiaMay 23, 2020
10/26/2003 - 5/21/2020Our beloved Pinti passed away yesterday, May 21, 2020 in our home at the tender age of 16. She passed away next to Natty, Nicole, and me.
There are no words that can say what she meant to our family, but she gave us lots of love, companionship, friendship, and protected our family when Rod was away; and all she wanted in return was a meaty or cheesy snack. “They say that all dogs go to heaven”; if so, then I hope and pray to see you again, PintiIn the meantime, we will remember you, we will keep you deep in our hearts, and we will cherish every moment we spent with you. Thank you for all the great memories and for bringing joy to our family. We will miss you forever Pinti!

With lots of love,

Rod, Carol, Natty, Nicole Jacobo
Carol JacoboAnnapolis, MarylandMay 23, 2020
5/21/2002 - 5/22/2020I adopted Shadey along with his brother Fidgit when they were tiny kittens. They were the dynamic duo. Fidgit passed in July of 2014 from lung cancer. Shadey was extremely friendly and enjoyed snuggling. He was very protective of my mom (who is 88), and would shadow her throughout the day. He loved chasing birds and bunnies in our yard, but didn't hurt them...he just wanted to "play". Today is the day after he gained his angel wings, and we are missing him more than words can express. Our house is very quiet without him.Lori HeffelfingerSinking Spring, PennsylvaniaMay 23, 2020
7/3/2014 - 5/22/2020Had to let beautiful Wisp go yesterday. She had a very aggressive type of cancer that was untreatable. It was horrible to have to say goodbye after only 6 years. She really was the sweetest little black kitty. She would chirp whenever someone sneezed to make sure they were ok. She also had moods we called “wispy love” where she would climb up ur front in a hug position and head boop ur face until u made her stop! She leaves behind 3 heartbroken people, a sad sister and 9 other cat companions. We will miss her so so much.Appling, GeorgiaMay 23, 2020
2/22/2017 - 5/22/2020Loosing Oscar....or Oskie as we would often call him has been one of the hardest things we have ever had to face. We got Oscar very well knowing he was a senior and that we wouldn’t get enough time with him. But he filled a space in our hearts so deep and so wide that the emptiness without him is paralyzing. We know though that he deserves to run free with all four legs with no pain, confusion or fear. He lives on in our hearts forever. We will miss his snores, snorts and grumbles. His smile, tongue and soft ears. His cuddles, waddles and scoots. We will miss everything about his sweet soul. Between the sobs I smile remembering these special times. Till we meet again baby boy.Bianca TyrellAurora, ColoradoMay 23, 2020
6/15/2017 - 5/22/2020Lincoln was by far the sweetest boy I’ve ever known. He was always by my side and always wanted to cuddle with mama. He would find me wherever I was. He loved to lay out in the sun. He would get on the couch and sit on his sisters head and she wouldn’t move. He was funny, silly and mostly just pure sweetness. He could look at you and make you feel better with a look or hitting you with his paw. He would swat at you like a boxer lol. He always danced to his bowl when I slid his food across the floor. He was by far the best little boy over ever had. I miss so much. Not hearing him or seeing him is tough. I can’t wait to see you again my sweet mamas boy.Jessica OwensGastonia, North CarolinaMay 23, 2020
3/17/2011 - 5/21/2020My little Lily (Wee-Wee / Bean), oh how you meant the world to all of us. Your little body carried the greatest sass, the loudest snores, and the most loving heart. I pray that you are breathing easily, eating lots of bacon and bagels, and know that you will forever be our princess. I miss you beyond words my love.Jen ChampionBradenton, FloridaMay 23, 2020
9/29/2007 - 5/21/2020Today is worse because of the silence and the warmth of Tino beside me, ...that is gone forever. Tino was loyal loving and woukd bark when I left the room if I didnt hurry back. No matter what ..he couldn't wait to see me and I him. I'd rush home to see him everyday . Tino was more than beloved ..he was my dearest friend. I loved that I held him in my arms as he passed ..I know he knows how much I love him I could not bear to ever let him suffer..he means to much to me. When my boyfriend was killed , it was Tino who shouldered that pain. It was Tino who never left me. Today ...because it is fresh still..I dont like life as much without him and I really hope when God decides it's my time ..Tino meets me there...its all I want . It may sound silly , as I have beautiful children and grandchildren . 3 cats. A blessed healthy life and yet the pain is so deep all of those wonderful blessings are not a comfort right now. I was and am forever blessed to have had Tino for as long as I did and he was never going to suffer. I'm so thankful I held him ever so close til the end and that he wasn't afraid or alone ..he was with his person til his last breath...who could ask for more?. As much as I want him back ..I will grieve a very long time . He was my last little dog. There is only 1 Tino...nothing can ever replace him. Ever. I may foster but I wont let another dog take his place. I sleep with his collar beside me and there it will stay there. I love you my sweet boy ! Until we meet again my loving Tino.Suzanne DuganWashington, PennsylvaniaMay 23, 2020
5/20/2008 - 5/20/2020The hole in our pack is immense and we miss our bean burrito more each day.Joe AFriendswood, TexasMay 23, 2020