3/23/2000 - 9/14/2020George was the King of our household. He is the mighty orange.Kiersten KernSeabrook, TexasSeptember 15, 2020
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George surely led a wonderful life and a long one. He looks like he was a sweet kitty boy and I know he is missed terribly. He will always live on in your memory and in your heart.kimberly affleck - September 22, 2020
You were the King. Mighty and handsome. You will be missed.Rosalie Kern - September 19, 2020
George was meant to be a member of your family even before he was born! I’m so glad he got to spend his life surrounded by so much love ❤️. May his spirit live on in your hearts.Christina Guillory - September 17, 2020
It is so hard to say goodbye. He was so very lucky to have been so loved. ❤️Carolyn Duregger - September 17, 2020
Sending you hugs and love as you mourn the loss of George while celebrating the joy that he brought to you life💕Suja Hall - September 16, 2020
sorry for ur loss the boys and I luv u! ((Hugs))Nichole kern - September 16, 2020
We miss you, George. You were a presence in this family for a very long time, although it wasn't long enough. We were lucky to have you, buddy.Gordon Moore - September 16, 2020
I am so sorry for his departure. What an amazingly long life he had. What a lucky boy he was to have your ❤️ and to spend it with you. A blessing for all. 💕🌈🙏Stephanie Handermann - September 16, 2020
I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. I know he felt your love and I know he left his paw prints on your heart ❤️Lisa Reddick - September 16, 2020
I am so sorry...Moon Stumpp - September 16, 2020
Sweet Face George, please watch over my friends like the took care of you. You had the best mom and dad, the MOST caring people. Love you George.Teresa Robinette - September 16, 2020
The day I met George, the first thing I noticed was a white Christmas Tree, in the middle of his sweet face, right on his nose! It just tickled me so. The second thing was that he was an orange boy, my favorite cat tribe. Orange boys are caretakers among the cat community and George upheld the tradition honorably during his time on duty. I didn't get to see George much during the last years of his life, but did get to visit him occasionally. I last saw him at his 20th birthday party, being the grand old man that he was, enjoying the day with his family. You will be missed George.
May your spirit live on in love and all the good memories with your family.
Much love,
Carol Saker - September 15, 2020

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