4/26/2008 - 3/29/2019My sweet PurrMaker died yesterday.

The Lap of Love vet was wonderful, very sensitive, caring, quiet, and compassionate. His passing was as positive as such a horrible thing ever can be.

He got his name because he purred constantly and loudly. Even when he was dying and feeling miserable, he would still manage a purr every time I petted him. When he was healthy, he was a very happy kitty, often sitting happily by himself, purring away for no apparent reason. Most cats will purr when someone is petting them and paying attention to them. He would just purr away no matter what. He was a very happy, sweet kitty.

PurrMaker seemed to think he was a dog . . . he used to chew things like crazy, played in the toilet and any other dish that had water in it, and LOVED to sniff my shoes after I came back from the gym or from walking a couple of miles. He would also bring toys to me that he wanted me to throw for him. I would throw a toy mouse down the hallway, he would run to get it, bring it back to me and drop it at my feet. "You silly doggie cat!" I used to tell him after he did all these things, before kissing him on the top of his soft, sweet, furry little head.

My sweet Swirley, his littermate, seems hurt and confused without him. I am too. I give her extra love and cuddling.

In the end I did everything I could extend his life as long as I could -- even learned to do subcutaneous injection fluids for him -- something I thought I would NEVER be able to do. But it wasn't enough.

Renal failure kills close to 50% of all cats who live past 10 years. It's a real epidemic with them and no one knows exactly what causes it. This disease killed my Fluffy too, and sweet Baby, who was Fluffy's sister, who died in 2008. Fluffy was 17 when he died this last August but my sweet, affectionate Baby was only 7 when she died -- evidence that renal failure can kill cats at any age.

If you have a feline or two, please, please pay attention to how much water they drink. If it seems like more than usual, take them to your vet. If you catch this disease process early enough, you can give subcutaneous water treatments and help them to live longer.

I miss my PurrMaker. I am now a one-cat person, but still consider myself a Crazy Cat Lady. I am so grateful to still have my sweet Swirley.

Love you, PurrMaker, you were a sweet, funny, cute, wonderful kitty. I was lucky to have you for almost 11 years.
Michelle RizzoYardley, PennsylvaniaMarch 31, 2019
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